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Bitpanda Launches their Global Exchange After Having Raised 43.6 Million Euros
RENBDO First ICO Approved for EU Irredeemable Funds
US Congress hearings to boost cryptocurrency sector
Scam warning: Complex scams targeting Australian public and international Chinese students
A Strong Rally in Gold Marks Launch of NVM Token Sale on July 15th
SimBlock: A simulator for testing improvements to real-world blockchain networks
G20 leaders called to embrace cryptocurrency regulation
Extortion email warning
DOE Tasks CMU with Securing Energy Grid with Blockchains
PwC Launches Solution Supporting Audit of Cryptocurrency
Jack Dorsey discusses future of Bitcoin at Imperial
How Cryptocurrency Discussions Spread
Bitpanda Goes Global: Announcing Bitpanda Global Exchange and IEO for Ecosystem Token BEST
UNUS SED LEO Listing on Bitfinex Following Completion of $1bn Contribution
Department of Finance Canada Consulting on Draft Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales
Bittrex International and Vodi X Partner for Initial Exchange Offering
Black Bull Advisors’ Luis R. Gonzalez Delivers Keynote Speech at NYC Blockchain Fund Summit
Zebpay Launches Crypto Trading Services in Australia
‘Easy Trading Wizard’ Now Live On Nauticus Exchange
ShaktiCoin Issues Note of Caution to Public Clarifying Who Can Have Access to Shakti Coins
Satoshi’s TAKE-TWO: New Blockchain Protocol Poised to Bring Digital Currency to Masses
ATO issues new warning of scam callers, South Australia
Scammers impersonate ATO phone numbers
Hang up on fake ATO Robocalls
BINANCE CEO tweets of Australia First Live Crypto Auction
Cryptocurrency Holders Can Buy Property Using Cash (and can “HODL” too) . . . maybe this
Payment demanded by gift card? It’s a scam
OnMiners Mining Rigs Offering Market’s Fastest ROI
First Endothermic Cryptocurrency Miners Released by OnMiners
Purchasing Property in Turkey With Cryptocurrency Now Possible With Antalya Opens Doors to the Masses With Credit Card Deposit Solution
myGeNomeCoin to Celebrate Bitcoin’s 10th Anniversary with Special Offer to Acquire FCA Regulated FX Firm, Launch TIO Markets
(SKB) Sakura Bloom digital coin is now active and traded on the International CoinBene Trading Platform
Child abuse imagery ‘found within Bitcoin’s blockchain’
Bitcoin stumbles as Google plans to ban all cryptocurrency related ads
Bitcoin should be regulated like gold – major crypto exchange
600 bitcoin-mining computers stolen in Iceland
How much to mine bitcoin? Mapping the world’s most affordable countries
Bitcoin climbs to $11,000 as China opens new battlefront against cryptocurrencies
Self-proclaimed ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ sued for swindling $5 billion in bitcoin
France & Germany call for global bitcoin clampdown
Bitcoin addict hotline opens in Moscow
Bitcoin sinking like a stone with cryptocurrency market in freefall
Bitcoin train goes off the rails, plunging below $8,500
Samsung confirms making chips for mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrency
Britain sees first Bitcoin armed robbery: Reports
Bitcoin dips 12% as South Korea announces taxation of cryptocurrency exchanges