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Treating sleep apnoea can improve memory in people with cognitive decline
Apple previews innovative accessibility features
Want to Live Longer? Find Out if You Snore
Women over 50 who snore face an elevated risk of sleep apnea
Opioid overdose detection patch under development, funded by National Institute on Drug Abuse
Live monitoring of brain metabolism with fluorescence
Home is where hospital is
Mount Sinai researchers demonstrate higher prevalence of occult hypoxemia during anesthesia
High mortality for hospital referred Malawian children with low glucose or blood oxygen levels
3D bimodal photoacoustic ultrasound imaging to diagnose peripheral vascular diseases
NSSN announces $5 million industry-led collaboration in aged care
Spinal oxygen sensors – SOS – critical sensors for when body has low to no oxygen
Scientists expose lethal link between irregular heartbeats and epilepsy
Penn Medicine Study: Pulse Oximeters Did Not Change Outcomes for Patients in Covid Monitoring Program
Self-monitoring blood oxygen at home can help COVID patients spot early warning signs
Delayed consciousness recovery is common for COVID patients on respirators
Delayed Recovery of Consciousness Is Common for COVID Patients on Respirators
Covid’s faces of health care: Challenges faced, sacrifices made over two pandemic years
TRISH to enhance research on Ax-1 mission, data on human spaceflight impacts
ZIP codes matter when it comes to severe Covid
Current national trend of using two access points to put newborns
Downside of machine learning in health care
UC Davis lab develops fetal oximetry device to prevent unnecessary C-sections
Pulse oximeter measurements of blood oxygen levels are unreliable
Sleep-disordered breathing in early pregnancy linked to insulin resistance
Covid vaccine does not increase risk of preterm birth
Custom finger clip offers new way to measure blood pressure, other vitals
Penn Medicine Researchers Develop Structural Blueprint of Nanoparticles to Target White Blood Cells Responsible for Acute Lung
Global study finds metabolic syndrome increased risk of acute respiratory distress syndrome
Outpatient management of patients with post-prematurity respiratory disease
Digital silver lining seen in failed Covid drug trial
Future human spaceflight gets boost from Inspiration4 research
International research collaboration designed to increase understanding of human adaptation to spaceflight
Less energy, better quality PAM images with machine learning
Biased tech could determine who gets life saving therapy
Stretchy, bendy, flexible LEDs
AI tool pairs protein pathways with clinical side effects, patient comorbidities to suggest targeted Covid treatments
Anxiety impacts ability to perceive changes in our breathing – Otago researcher reveals
Apple Watch Series 7 orders start Friday, October 8
Researchers investigate how infection by Covid can lead to kidney disorders
Using power of technology to make world safer and healthier place
Off-target immune response could predict Covid severity
‘Unprecedented opportunity’ to understand neurovascular recovery after stroke
New option for how people with Covid are cared for on NHS wards
Awake prone positioning can prevent intubation in Covid patients
Dissolvable smartwatch makes for easier electronics recycling
ICE violated internal medical standards, potentially contributing to deaths
ICE violated its own internal medical standards, potentially contributing to deaths of mostly healthy men