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ABC’s Stateless leads AACTA Award nominations
To Improve Surgeons’ Skills, Researchers Will Tap Directly Into Their Brains
Need for Speed: UVA Engineering Boosts Hypersonic Travel
Getting Ready For Camping Trips Now And Into Future
Brighter days ahead for Ovens Valley Group
Transforming coronavirus proteins into nanoparticles may hold key to an effective COVID-19 vaccine
Tool tracks COVID cases within NY school district boundaries
Cattle exports decline as high prices impact demand
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative supports diversity in Human Cell Atlas project
75 years later, ILR School notes its broad impact, looks ahead
A wearable sensor to help ALS patients communicate
CCE helps Buffalo get school food truck rolling
Federal Reserve Board issues enforcement action with M&T Bank
Optical Society Announces 2021 Fellows Class
Why some friends make you feel more supported than others
LLNL to provide supercomputing resources to universities selected by NNSA Advanced Simulation and Computing program
Greenland is on track to lose ice faster than in any century over past 12,000 years, study finds
3D Biometric Authentication Based on Finger Veins Almost Impossible to Fool
Ice sheets could add 39 centimetres to sea level by 2100
Some but not all U.S. metro areas could grow all needed food locally, estimates study
USF selects 23 research projects for funding in anti-racism effort
Police search for missing man David Dower
Leading from center
Researchers join collaboration of NSF Physics Research Center
LLNL joins new research on atom-changing pressures
Brain-NET, a Deep Learning Methodology, Accurately Predicts Surgeon Certification Scores Based on Neuroimaging Data
Black patients are more likely to be hospitalized for advanced cirrhosis
Search for Hidden Treasures in Freo this September
Greenland bedrock drilling project to understand past, future ice sheet melting
FSU scientists discover heavy element chemistry can change at high pressures
Supply undulating as COVID-19 hinders global beef production
Oscars come calling for ABC TV’s Sally Riley
Camping and Visitor Services at Parks Canada
PolyU collaborates with Macau University of Science and Technology to advance diagnosis of COVID-19 pneumonia
‘Artificial Chemist’ Combines AI, Robotics to Conduct Autonomous R&D
Suncor Base Mine Extension Project – Participant Funding Available
Police charge man over murder of Nicole Cartwright
Mount Buffalo to become year-round tourism destination
Backing Mount Buffalo Tourism And Jobs – Year Round
Recapture of inmate from Buffalo Sage Wellness House
First results from NASA’s ICESat-2 map 16 years of melting ice sheets
New privacy threat combines device identification with biometric information
Prenatal substance exposure may impact adolescent attitudes toward gun violence
Modern humans, Neanderthals share a tangled genetic history, study affirms
Safe Paths: A privacy-first approach to contact tracing
Execs: Consumers pushing companies toward sustainability
Firefighters roar at Katy Perry concert
Natural bayou better when floods threaten Houston