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Internationally-renowned Global Health expert joins Exeter
Unparalleled bounty of oscillating red giant stars detected
Researchers identify new genes linked to longer reproductive lifespan in women
Why tiny worm’s brain development could shed light on human thinking
New therapeutic target discovered for number of aggressive cancers
Artificial pancreas trialled for outpatients with type 2 diabetes for first time
Artificial pancreas trialed for outpatients with type 2 diabetes for first time
Motor parts suppliers banned after illegitimately securing £176,000
New Derwent ferry service to start on Monday
Vapor-collection technology saves water while clearing air
New study into Covid vaccine dose interval for pregnant women
Saphnelo approved in US for moderate to severe systemic lupus erythematosus
More than 85 million Covid vaccines administered in UK
Researcher named as Turing AI World-Leading Researcher Fellow
‘Digging’ into early medieval Europe with big data
Excess body fat increases risk of digestive system cancers
AI learns physics to optimize particle accelerator performance
Diabetes patients in high-deductible health plans 28% more likely to skip their medications due to cost
New way to detect SARS-CoV-2 Alpha variant in wastewater
Vaxzevria and mRNA Covid vaccines showed similar and favourable safety profiles
Vaxzevria showed no increased incidence of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia after second dose
Eye oop, northern English to become as lost as hoddy-dod
Smart, self-configuring factories on horizon thanks to £5m research centre
Berkeley Lab Optical Innovation Could Calm Jitters of High-Power Lasers
AstraZeneca and Regeneron to research, develop and commercialise new small molecule medicines for obesity
University of Sheffield takes central role in new digital manufacturing research centres
Appointment of First Church Estates Commissioner 27 July 2021
Astronomers show how planets form in binary systems without getting crushed
Earth’s interior is swallowing up more carbon than thought
Ultomiris recommended for approval in EU by CHMP for children and adolescents with paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria
Material difference
Scientists can detect brain tumours using simple urine or blood plasma test
Abi’s postcard is just ticket in rail competition
Vaxzevria is highly effective after one dose against severe disease or hospitalisation caused by Beta and Delta variants of concern
Blushing plants reveal when fungi are growing in their roots
Smartphone screens effective sensors for soil or water contamination
Scientists reverse age-related memory loss in mice
Spotted: An Exoplanet with Potential to Form Moons
Multi-million project will shape future of sustainable aviation
Take action to harness unique contribution of plant genetic innovation, government urged
Llama ‘nanobodies’ could hold key to preventing deadly post-transplant infection
Excess coffee: bitter brew for brain health
SMART breakthrough in detection of Covid variant in wastewater
Imperial athletes set their sights on this year’s Tokyo Olympic Games
World’s poorest children missing out on pre-primary education
Max Welling will lead new Microsoft Research Lab in Amsterdam
Digital consultation launched to shape future of OxCam Arc
How science of wellbeing can help build resilience