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Team creating insulin-producing implant for Type 1 diabetes
Scientists identify key molecular pathways controlling anti-tumoral functions of immune cells
SMART researchers develop a method for rapid, accurate virus detection
Multiple immune reactions when transplanting cartilage into monkeys
Beyond CAR-T: New Frontiers in Living Cell Therapies
Tessara Therapeutics announces new collaboration with Florey Institute
First-ever transient pacemaker harmlessly dissolves in body
SUDA licenses iNKT cell therapy platform from Imperial College London
New international guidelines for stem cell research
Lowering cost of heart cell therapies
National roundtable to bring together experts to set future priorities for RNA science and research
Next-Generation T-Cell Therapeutics Set Sights on Cancers, Autoimmune Disorders and More
Engineered NK cells can eliminate glioblastoma stem cells
A Frozen Leap Forward
Genetically modified antibody and cell therapies directed against SLC3A2 safely target tumours
Controlling insulin production with a smartwatch
Ludwig Cancer research study finds way to revive potent immune cells for cancer therapy
Ludwig Cancer Research study discovers how to revive potent but inert anti-cancer immune cells for therapy
Cancer immunotherapies for all patients
MD Anderson and Refuge Biotechnologies collaborate to advance next-generation cell therapies for treatment of solid tumors
New pre-clinical model could hold key to better HIV treatments
NK cells with bispecific antibody show activity against lymphoma cells
Building robots to expand access to cell therapies
Accelerating pace of engineered cell therapies, from lab to bedside
Molecular analysis identifies key differences in lungs of cystic fibrosis patients
Companies sought for AusBiotech’s new pitching series
Smart Cell Therapies for Solid Cancers Ready to Move Towards Clinical Trials
Innovative cancer therapy uses immune system to attack tumours
First Comprehensive Single-Cell Atlas of Human Teeth
Skroot Laboratory Inc. spins off from Iowa State research, helps labs make medicine
Using CRISPR as a research tool to develop cancer treatments
Epworth brings hope to blood cancer patients
CHOP Cancer Researchers Win 2021 AACR Team Science Award
SMART researchers develop 15-minute immune-profiling assay
Enhanced muscle regeneration using stem cells
TGA to review advertising of stem cell therapies to Australian public
Stuck stem cells are no good at making blood
Engineered immune cells deliver anticancer signal, prevent cancer from spreading
Chemical cocktail creates new avenues for muscle stem cell therapies
Launch of new facility providing hope to patients with blood cancer
A leap forward in research on CAR T cell therapy – Cellular engineering makes it possible to target therapy also against solid
New cell therapy program will take ideas from lab to factory floor
MIT team improving gene therapies wins Sloan health care prize
Lab-grown ‘mini-bile ducts’ used to repair human livers in regenerative medicine first
Five Years Later: Penn-developed CAR T Therapy Shows Long-lasting Remissions in Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas
TGA approves first Australian commercial CAR-T manufacturing site
Australia’s RM manufacturing capabilities expanding
Roadmap and Implementation Plan webinars