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Leptoquarks, Higgs boson and muon’s magnetism
Lates Online events take Imperial’s research into homes around world
ALICE finds that charm hadronisation differs at LHC
CLEAR study paves way for novel electron-based cancer therapy
GEM simplifies internal structure of protons and their collisions
Cabling for Large Hadron Collider Upgrade Project Reaches Halfway Mark
Sparking breakthroughs in radiation protection for spacecraft, aviation and accelerators
Greening gaseous detectors
High-Luminosity LHC project takes shape at Point 1
Subatomic particle seen changing to antiparticle and back for first time
LHCb measures tiny mass difference between particles
First ATLAS New Small Wheel nears completion
Accelerators meet gravitational waves
THOR: Driving collaboration in heavy-ion collision research
FASER catches first candidate collider neutrinos
Three SLAC researchers are recognized with prestigious DOE Early Career Awards
Five Berkeley Lab Scientists Receive Prestigious Five-Year Research Grant
An upgraded Inner Tracking System joins ALICE detector
RADES joins hunt for dark matter
Scientific Software – Quality not Always Good
Study reveals new details on what happened in first microsecond of Big Bang
Jacco Vink to use large grant to seek out sources of gamma rays
Why LHC magnets are blue – and other colourful accelerator questions answered
Girls’ education and ending violence against women and girls focus of world-leading experts
AMS, a decade of cosmic discoveries
Computer Security: What do accelerators and pipelines have in common?
Why precision luminosity measurements matter
LS2 Report: Installation of CMS beam pipe
Supporting talented students with ATLAS PhD Grant
Connecting smallest and largest scales
A SciFi moment for LHCb experiment
FASER is born: new experiment will study particles that interact with dark matter
IAC is participating in DALI experiment, searching for axion, proposed component of dark matter
Mining Future
NA64 sets bounds on how much new X bosons could change electron’s magnetism
N_TOF poised for 10 more years of research with third-generation neutron spallation target
N_TOF facility poised for 10 more years of research with third-generation neutron spallation target
Superconducting coils for 11 T dipoles have been delivered
CERN approves new LHC experiment
Computer Security: Fancy dinner or burned pie?
How CERN intellectual property helps entrepreneurship
Fancy cycling around a particle accelerator?
On Earth Day, CERN underlines its commitment to a better planet
UZH Physicist Awarded Funding of 2.5 Million Euros
FSU engineers improve performance of high-temperature superconductor wires
G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council membership announced
Computer Security: Our findings, your problem
A Physics Breakthrough: More Evidence of New Particles or Forces