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Research: Childhood Trauma Linked to Adult Anger
Childhood Trauma Linked to Adult Mental Health Issues, Women More Affected by Abuse, Men by Neglect
Mental health of young African Australians
Greens Aim to Increase Age of Criminal Responsibility in NSW
Black Women Trauma Linked with Intergenerational Substance Use
Child Protection Worker Scholarships Fund Specialized Training
UPMC Opens New Facility for Child Behavioral Health Care
Childhood Trauma Impacts Green Behaviour & Civic Engagement
Fathers’ drinking affects quality of parenting
When does mental distress become a mental illness?
IoPPN researchers announced winners of 2022 ACAMH Awards
Childhood traumas strongly impact both mental and physical health
Investigators shed new light on brain activity related to dissociative symptoms
Having suffered trauma during childhood triples risk of suffering serious mental disorder in adulthood
Raising Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility
Does methamphetamine use cause Parkinson’s?
Adults with history of childhood trauma can benefit from recommended depression treatments, contrary to current theory
2022 Youth Awards winners revealed at Mildura
California takes lead on mandated screening for childhood traumas
Story books for children in care by authors with lived experience
Biden- Harris Administration Announces Two New Actions to Address Youth Mental Health Crisis
Neurofeedback could be answer for 2.5 M Australians suffering from childhood trauma
Vote for UWA researchers in Pitch it Clever People’s Choice Award
‘Build resilience in traumatised children and young people’
Adolescent females were especially vulnerable to mental health impact of pandemic-related school closings
Location of first ground-breaking Residential Women’s Centre revealed
Childhood emotional trauma linked to heightened MS risk among women
Exercise improves health markers in young female survivors of childhood trauma
Post-traumatic pain expressed physically from generation to generation
Psychologists use Syrian experience to help Ukrainian families
Childhood trauma and genetics linked to increased obesity risk
Childhood trauma linked to risk of adult crime
Research shows childhood abuse can lead to poor stress management, worse health in adults
Chemical Commonly Found in Consumer Products May Disrupt Hormone Needed for Healthy Pregnancy
How to Manage an ADHD Diagnosis
My First Year After Being Diagnosed with ADHD
New treatment leads to much less overeating
Anxiety in kids and adolescents could lead to young adult psychosis
Childhood trauma linked to psychotic symptoms in young cannabis users
Military Sexual Assault Linked to Depression, Mother-Baby Bonding Problems Among Veterans
Childhood trauma increases risk of opioid abuse
What is complex PTSD and how does it relate to past abuse and trauma?
Hard truth about child sexual exploitation in home
Statewide retreat explores health inequities and what science can do to reduce them
New insights into suicide and self-harm in Australia, including potentially-modifiable risk factors
Lotterywest grant to support Fitzroy Valley women and families
Brain connectivity is lower in adults with PTSD or history of sexual abuse
Adults with neurologic conditions more likely to have experienced childhood trauma