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Medicinal cannabis research receives $1.5m boost
Pfizer and BioNTech Receive First U.S. Authorization for Emergency Use of COVID-19 Vaccine in Adolescents
Orthocell says study results open US market opportunity
Biological E. Limited to begin Phase III clinical trials with Baylor and Texas Children’s vaccine
Sculpting radiation beam spares lung cancer patients from severe, disabling complication
Nasal spray against Covid-19
Exploiting Bacterial ‘Sweet Tooth’ May Help Image and Diagnose Infections
MD Anderson researchers highlight advances in clinical studies at AACR Annual Meeting 2021
Fighting dementia with play
ART-CARMA Clinical Study part of 6m Euro global programme
Human Trials Begin for a Low-Cost COVID-19 Vaccine to Extend Global Access
‘Leap forward’ in risk management of rectal cancer
Antiviral launched at Emory: results vs COVID-19
Valneva and Pfizer Announce Initiation of Phase 2 Study for Lyme Disease Vaccine Candidate
Ongoing study is testing COVID-19 vaccine on patients with compromised immune systems
World’s first Covid-19 vaccine alternating dose study begins at University of Nottingham Health Service
Citizen scientists show placebo effect may explain benefits of microdosing
IU School of Medicine scientists discover ‘game-changer’ treatment for triple negative breast cancer
Beta blockers can repair malformed blood vessels in brain
Increasing Glutathione Levels Lowers Alzheimer’s Pathology and Improves Cognitive Decline
Interferon speeds recovery in some COVID-19 patients, University of Toronto and UHN study finds
How Some Drugs Can Turn Into a Cancer-Causing Chemical in Body
Anticancer drug may improve outcome for severe COVID-19 patients
World’s first COVID-19 vaccine alternating dose study launches in Southampton
World’s first Covid-19 vaccine alternating dose study launches in Nottingham
World-first COVID-19 alternating dose vaccine study launches in UK
Robust assessment ahead of Medsafe approval of vaccine
12 COVID-19 treatments being tested at UC Davis School of Medicine
Large-scale coronavirus vaccine manufacturing begins in Scotland
Alcohol Causes Immediate Effects Linked to Heart Malady
FDA approves new cardiovascular drug based on study’s Canadian VIGOUR Centre
Detailed tumour profiling
‘Virtual biopsies’ could replace tissue biopsies in future thanks to technique developed by Cambridge scientists
Emergent BioSolutions and Mount Sinai Health System Announce Initiation of DOD-Funded Clinical Program to Evaluate COVID-19 Human
Newly described condition causes loss of vertigo and imbalance in TBI patients
AI-powered microscope could check cancer margins in minutes
Researchers investigating use of a novel cell treatment in fight against cancer
Hopes of new treatment strategies for glaucoma
Immutep updates on AIPAC breast cancer study and announces new trial
WSU begins study examining human cancer treatment in dogs
Down syndrome symposium highlights clinical, fundamental progress
Dimerix announces a new COVID-19 study for DMX-200
WHO Guideline Development Group advises against use of remdesivir for covid-19
Mouthwashes containing cetylpyridinium chloride show “promising signs” of reducing spread of COVID-19
Vanderbilt-Ancora partnership advances research for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
Baricitinib treatment linked to reduced mortality in COVID-19 patients
Study confirms spit testing may help doctors diagnose concussions
Concordia’s District 3 startups harness emerging technology for global good