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Biden Admin Takes Action on Lead Pipes, Paint Protection
Legalizing Cannabis May Reduce Alcohol Disorders: No Increase in Substance Abuse
UK Overestimates Methane Emission Reductions – Other Nations Too
Block Model in spotlight at Victoria University-hosted conference
General Officer Announcements 27 January
Paraguay Officials Sanctioned for Corruption
Research Team Closer to Printing 3D Life-Like Organs
Indigenous Rights Protect Brazil’s Atlantic Forest from Land Grabs
Epilepsy Linked to Worsening Eye Disease in Diabetes Patients
Diabetes: Low Blood Sugar Linked to Worsening Eye Disease
Waseda Univ. Uses CALET to Measure Boron Flux in Cosmic Rays
Probe can measure both cell stiffness and traction, researchers report
Fossils Reveal Primates Adapted to Colder Climates
Probe measures cell stiffness, traction: Study
One facility makes big contribution to Salt Lake’s winter brown cloud
Colorado Wildfire: Study Examines Effects on Drinking Water
Research: How to apply lessons from Colorado’s costliest wildfire to drinking water systems
Variable Pricing Boosts NFL Ticket Sales: Study
Prenatal Pollution Linked to Lower Cognitive Scores in Infants
Biden: Introducing Gun Safety Bills to Protect Americans
Nominations Sent to Senate 24 January
New work takes root at UK Dance annual concert
Childhood Trauma Impacts Green Behaviour & Civic Engagement
Bird Flu Surveillance Aims at Keeping Human Risk Low
CU Boulder joins academic partnership with US Space Command
Rare Study Uncovers Sulfur-Metabolizing Microbes on Short-Lived Island
Squirrels that gamble win big when it comes to evolutionary fitness
Curcumin, oxygen chambers and Apple watches: future of IBD care
Gene Expression Study Links Obesity to New Molecules
Promising Results for New Fuchs’ Dystrophy Treatment
Vague, Inconsistent Hate Crime Laws Across US States
Nearly Half of Medicare Lung Cancer Patients Unstaged: Higher Mortality Rates
How Do Microbes Remove Radioactive Waste?
Biden Admin Supports Asian American, Hawaiian & Pacific Islander Communities
Physicists Make Progress in Quantum System Understanding
Biden: Justice Dept. Taking Action to Block Gun Access for Dangerous People
1 in 10 Minors Denied Court Approval for Abortion
1 in 10 Minors Denied Access to Abortion via Court
Drug Combo May Treat Fatal Childhood Brain Tumor
Sixteen US cities in National Cardiff Violence Prevention Network
Cost-Effective Tool for Weed Control: Variable-Density Planting
11,000 Planet Summers & Winters Detailed in New Study
University of Toronto Physicists Observe P-Wave Interaction Strength
NASA Missions Discover ‘Jetlets’ to Power Solar Wind
Apple and Major League Soccer unveil broadcasters for MLS Season Pass
Apple celebrates groundbreaking year in entertainment
Kids Near Airports at Risk of Lead Poisoning
Sulfur Fertilizer Use Up Amid Improved Air Quality