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Scientists discover a 500-metre-tall coral reef on Great Barrier Reef
Old photos provide new snapshot of coral reef health
Good environmental policy requires understanding people
Rebuttal of Clark et al. research paper
Scientists shed new light on role of viruses in coral bleaching
Pufferfish-inspired robot could improve drone safety
FAU researchers prove vital role of coralline red algae for coral reefs
Sponges as biomonitors of micropollution
New research will combat marine plastic pollution in South East Asia
Who Will Get Prize for Better Hurricane Monitoring?
Funding boost for young marine researchers
FSU researchers find diverse communities comprise bacterial mats threatening coral reefs
12 things you can do to help save coral reefs
HKU researchers reveal historic range and diversity of corals in Greater Bay area for last 5,000 years
September hottest on record, as reef corals decline
Young wrasses hit hard by cyclones and bleaching
Watching nature on TV can boost wellbeing, finds new study
Explosive discovery made in Australian marine park
Global census reveals reef shark status, need for improved conservation management
Willem Renema appointed professor by special appointment of Marine Palaeobiodiversity
Updating high school chemistry with a focus on climate, real-world examples
Public can help monitor coral health with new tool
“Portfolio” of marine reserves enhances fish populations
Logging tropical forests jeopardizes fisheries important for food and livelihood
New marine science leader appointed to Western Australia
Space technology set to boost national water quality management
Discovery of a new mass extinction
Project Phoenix: DNA unlocks a new understanding of coral
Florida State-led team offers new rules for algae species classification
Worldwide shark survey led by FIU begins to pay off
Critical statement highlights archaic fishing practices endangering our Great Barrier Reef
Stick ’em up: new test can detect crown-of-thorns starfish as quickly as a home pregnancy kit
Fear and Despair
Student develops specialised weeder tool to improve bushfire management
Common sunscreen ingredients dangerous for freshwater ecosystems: study
A multinational study overturns a 130-year old assumption about seawater chemistry
History repeats as coral reefs are devastated
Uncovering hidden life of ‘dead’ coral reefs
UBCO researcher uses computer modelling to predict reef health
Nooks, crannies and critters
World-first marine heatwave research
Small start to coral recovery in Great Barrier Reef but large increase in coral trout
British experts help Mauritius protect coral reefs from oil spill
Pumice arrives delivering “vitamin boost” to reef
Tracking tailbeats of a tiger shark
Curtin Mauritius helps in emergency shipwreck response
Designed bacteria produce coral-antibiotic
Turtle nail clippings and shark mating part of CSIRO and BHP study