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Komodo National Park is home to some of world’s largest manta ray aggregations
Nature conservation in Dutch Caribbean
Labor’s $194M for Reef welcome sea-change, but greater ambition to reduce emissions crucial
Large-scale ocean sanctuaries could protect coral reefs from climate change
Small community, big vision
International project aims to understand and protect endangered sea turtles
Greens’ bold environmental policy is what our oceans need
Dire coral bleaching figures show how Morrison Government has failed Great Barrier Reef
Coral spawning success advances Ningaloo Reef research
Understanding how sunscreens damage coral
Australian photographers dazzle at Wildlife Photographer of Year
Baby corals are just as susceptible as adults to deadly reef disease
Researchers map living corals before and after marine heat wave
Researchers map living corals for first time before and after marine heat wave
Discovery about coral-algal symbiosis could help coral reefs recover after bleaching events
Sweet spots in sea
Mountains of sugar under seagrass meadows
Drink in latest discoveries at Pint of Science
Climate resilient microalgae could help restore coral reefs
Reforming coral reefs using 3D printing
Startup from Caltech Nabs XPRIZE Award
Urgent action required to protect world’s coral reefs from disappearing within three decades, warn experts
Coral reefs’ very survival is at stake, warns UNESCO in bid to boost resilience
Protecting Ocean Critical for Climate Action
Research reveals genomic time machine in sea sponges
Genomic time machine in sea sponges
IFAD-funded project to protect environment in Haiti by improving smallholder farmers’ and artisanal fishermen’s livelihoods
New resource could provide clues on past, present, and future of clownfish
Coral reef preservation efforts not looking at whole picture
For sake of our oceans, IPCC warnings can no longer be ignored
3D approach to protecting biodiversity on high seas
Delicate balance of coral reef processes creates management challenges
Squid recorded color-matching substrate for first time
Coral spawning success advances Ningaloo climate research
Coral bleaching underway at Ningaloo-Exmouth Gulf is warning we cannot ignore
Another bailout for failing fishery must bring results for our oceans
President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Makes Major Investments in US Territories
Testing how seaweed biofilters could improve Reef water quality
Adrienne Correa wins CAREER Award
Tropical fish all at sea
Monitoring Mission must be taken to see epicentres of severe mass bleaching event on our Reef say marine conservationists
Remote Indian Ocean reefs bounce back quickly after bleaching
$63 Million To Support Great Barrier Reef Science
Environment Department shrouds UNESCO mission to Reef in secrecy, keeps agenda under tight control
Dire warning for Great Barrier Reef as UN inspection begins: Climate Council briefing
Corals may look healthy, but coastal urbanization is destroying their delicate biorhythm
Genomics can help restore coral reefs in Indian Ocean
Frozen coral sperm successfully used in coral breeding trials