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To advance equitable and effective conservation, OECMs should be key policy tool
What happens to marine life when oxygen is scarce?
Measuring conservation in way that counts
Heat is on Australia to act on climate following World Heritage Reef decision
Plan to dump rig near Ningaloo may breach law
New model of coral reef health
FAU team discovers microplastics in Arctic ecosystem
Fish friends help in crisis
UTA scientists investigate diseased Caribbean coral species
Biodiversity, climate change and fate of coral reefs
Long-Term Monitoring Program Annual Summary Report
Three key habitat-building corals face worrying future due to climate crisis
AIMS data shows limited reprieve for Reef but unless climate action is taken, Reef’s future is ‘in danger’
Reef in recovery window after decade of disturbances
When coral dies, tiny invertebrates boom
First stages of symbiosis seen for first time
NWO-Vidi grants worth €800,000 for 13 UvA researchers
Hard to swallow: Coral cells seen engulfing algae for first time
More action for healthy reef
NIST Researchers Use Novel Method to Understand Molecular Underpinnings of a Tumorlike Disease Affecting Coral Reefs
Study finds genes role in immune response of Florida corals to rapidly spreading disease
Fossil shark scales provide a glimpse of reef predator populations before human impact in Caribbean Panama
Coral offspring physiology impacted by parental exposure to intense environmental stresses
Great Barrier Reef in danger, UN World Heritage Committee draft report finds
International Hydrographic Bureau turns 100
Baby reef fishes swim for gold
Great Barrier Reef in danger, government in denial
Great Barrier Reef in Danger Zone
GBR in Danger Zone
Australian Government’s climate inaction to blame for Reef World Heritage ‘In Danger’ recommendation
Scientists detect signatures of life remotely
UK Government marine experts to support Sri Lanka with X-press Pearl pollution response
Unlocking Finance: How Coastal Adaptation and Nature-Based Solutions Could Meet Funding Criteria
APPEA Excellence Award winners announced
Artificial light harming clownfish
More ‘fairness’ needed in conservation
Managing global climate change — and local conditions — key to coral reefs’ survival
Healthy Oceans Vital to Achieving a Low-carbon and Resilient World
Projected acidification of Great Barrier Reef could be offset by ten years
Super productive 3D bioprinter could help speed up drug development
US philanthropists back coral crusader from Southern Cross
Scientists discover that coral ‘winners’ may now be losers
Beyond synthetic biology, synthetic ecology boosts health by engineering environment
Ecosystem restoration is vital for climate, biodiversity
Corals tell Arabian Sea story of global warming
Turning tables – how table corals are regenerating reefs decades faster than any other coral type
Climate change-resistant corals could provide lifeline to battered reefs