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Environmental protection could benefit from ‘micro’ as well as ‘macro’ thinking
Ocean bacteria release carbon into atmosphere
New 3D mapping technique reveals hidden microbial communities on coral reefs
Corals Carefully Organize Proteins to Form Rock-Hard Skeletons
FIU is among three universities receiving NSF funds to study climate change in tropics
Fishing industry appeal on orange roughy fails in victory for sustainability
Threatened fish species thrive at Rowley Shoals
Research finds that coral predators exert a much larger influence on young coral than expected
A “Safe and Just corridor” for planet and people
Researchers discover that ‘cryptic species’ respond differently to coral bleaching
Spotlight on Research: Curing earth’s diseases through renewable energy
DNA testing reveals hidden coral diversity
Impacts of sunscreen on coral reefs needs urgent attention, say scientists
Scientists discover unique Cornish ‘falgae’
Reef degradation leaves Australian coast vulnerable to tsunami damage
Soft Robotic Dragonfly Signals Environmental Disruptions
A Sustainable Ocean Economy is Key to Indonesia’s Prosperity
“A disgrace”: Queensland Fisheries fails basic fishery management
Saving corals in crisis
Aspiring scientist sails seas in search of birds
FSU researchers discover how ‘cryptic species’ respond differently to coral bleaching
These underwater photos show Norfolk Island reef life still thrives, from vibrant blue flatworms to soft pink corals
Deep Ocean Reveals Surprising Discovery about Immunity
Oʻahu marine protected areas offer limited protection of coral reef herbivorous fishes
Southern reefs recover from bleaching
Biodiversity study provides new insight into Great Barrier Reef habitat
Sub-Antarctic research sparks Australia-wide study of ecosystem collapses 26 February 2021
After Hurricane Irma, Soundscape Reveals Resilient Reef Ecosystem
In-water conservation and monitoring kicks off on Great Barrier Reef
West coast reefs warming up
Moray eels thrive on coral reefs close to people
People could thing a thing or 2 from spiny lobsters, like how to stop spread of COVID-19
Deep-sea vision linked to night life on reef
Why do some corals resist bleaching?
Drones reveal importance of sea cucumber poop in protecting coral reefs
Ocean surface slicks create superhighway for diverse fishes
Getting message right on nature-based solutions to climate change
Big differences in how coral reef fish larvae are dispersed
Major discovery helps explain coral bleaching
NEW REPORT: Qld Takes Biggest Financial Hit From Climate Change
NEW REPORT: Australia Takes Massive Financial Hit From Climate Change
Samoa gives introduced sea snail a tick for environmental and economic benefits
Sea Secrets lectures focus on innovative research
Squid-inspired robot swims with nature’s most efficient marine animals
HALO to reopen Friday night
Connection to reef celebrated in HALO Life Below Water
Future too warm for baby sharks
Where does untreated wastewater go in developing countries?