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Researchers explore strategies to ‘bury’ CO2 in concrete buildings
Towards stable aqueous Zn-ion batteries
Research buzzing about construction lessons taken from bees, honeycombs
Sodium nitrate passivation as new isolation technique for soft magnetic composites
Ceriun Improves Corrosion Resistance of China Low Activation Martensitic Steel
Stone Surface Biofilms: Good, Bad and In Between
Engineers solve mystery on path to smaller, lighter batteries
Ceramic coatings do not fatigue
Understanding scale and needs of Geological Disposal Facility
Oversized plumbing is adding millions to Australian building costs, thanks to a standard dating back to 1940s
Water for drinking? Nope, water for batteries
What if ceramics were ductile?
Bacterial quorum quenched by bacterial enzyme
Researchers Develop Novel Robust Superhydrophobic Coating
WWII shipwreck has leaked many pollutants into sea, changing ocean floor around it
SA Water to upgrade water supply in Port Pirie
Nanomaterial from Middle Ages
Faster progress with modern X-ray sources
Modern pesticide accelerates corrosion of ancient Roman bowl
Ultrasmall VN/Co heterostructure with optimized N active sites anchored
Rawdon Island Bridge Rehabilitation reaches final stages
China Airlines Finalizes Landmark Order for Up to 24 Boeing 787 Dreamliners
Navy divers render safe popular Darwin waterway
Fond memories of RAF career
Titanium hosts record high superconductivity for elements superconductors
Curtin and Chevron join forces on innovative corrosion control project
Researchers Find Novel “Nano Killers” for Sterilization and Antifouling
Sobhani, industry partners win grant to 3D print for clean energy reactors
Keeping West Gate Bridge Strong For Decades To Come
AAIB Report BAe ATP , Autopilot failed to disengage prior to landing, Ronaldsway Airport, Isle of Man
Improved water stability on way for Gloucester
NASA TV to Cover SpaceX Cargo Dragon Departure from Space Station
Searchlight Fortifications, Bribie Island National Park
KIST Developed core technology for Aqueous Zinc Batteries
Modified Method Helps to Induce Transgenic Hairy Roots from Stem of Tung Tree Seedling
Remove winter debris to protect your home from damage
Scientists Reveal How Gas Nanobubbles Accelerate Solid-liquid-gas Reaction
New membrane improves reversibility of zinc-air batteries
Bioethanol is a promising biofuel. What about the corrosion effects?