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New Method Designs Neural Networks for Optimal Task Suitability
AIDEDNet: New Dehazing Network for Real-World Scenes
HKU Hosts First President’s Forum on Science and Society
Real Risks Posed by ChatGPT Shouldn’t Be Ignored, Ban Not Possible
New Study Shows Importance of Heart Shape
Neural Networks Learn Motion Relatively
Illinois Researchers Develop First Silicon Integrated ECRAM for AI Acceleration
AI Powered OLED TV Brain Developed
Artificial intelligence could reduce barriers to TB care
AI Predicts Dengue Outbreaks with Remote Sensing Data
Shining light into ”black box” of AI
AI Uncovers Hidden Bird Songs in Taiwan’s Forests
Synthetic Polymers: Can they Replace Natural Proteins?
EveLab Launches Glow Detection for AI Skincare Solutions
AI Researcher: Mutual Learning Benefits Humanity, Machine Intelligence
ETRI Unveils AI Tutor Teaching Foreign Language Reading
AI Image Generation: DALL-E 2 Promising for Radiology
New study identifies how AI fails to reproduce human vision
KAIST Pioneers AI Analysis of Drug-Drug Interactions Involving Paxlovid
Scientists Uncover Role of Mitochondria in Cancer Cells
New Research: Spotting Bots Not Always Easy
Scientists Uncover Neural Control of Feeding for First Time
Scientists Unveil Neuronal Control of Feeding for 1st Time
Improved Air-Quality Predictions for Fire-Prone Areas
Python-based compiler achieves orders-of-magnitude speedups
Metal 3D Printing Advances for Automotive, Energy, Biomedicine
9 Billion Trees Counted to Manage Climate, Restore Nature
Molecular Self-Assembly of Peptides Link Biology and Tech
Sherlock Gets AI Sidekick to Spot Cirrhosis: Clinicians Benefit
New Algorithm Beats State-of-the-Art in Deep Learning
First wiring map of insect brain complete
Insect brain’s neuron wiring map done
Automated sorting speeds cancer diagnosis: St Andrews
Researchers Create Smart Portable Sensing System for Precast Structures
KAIST Develops Smart Immune System to Target Tumors
New tool for protein sequence generation and design
New insights into training dynamics of deep classifiers
Drones Assess Crop Disease Severity
Deep Learning Simplifies Agricultural Tasks
Deep Learning IDs Anatomical Landmarks in CT Scans
AI Chatbot ChatGPT Mirrors Users for Intelligent Conversations
Researchers use drones and deep learning to measure rice yield
AI Technique to Aid in Diagnosing Alzheimer’s from Brain Scans
Stage is set for Saudi Arabia school theatre revival
Imperial Engineers Win European Grants for Research
AI Improves Digestive Cancer Diagnosis, Data-Sharing Hurdles Linger
Nine Billion Trees to Help Manage Climate & Nature Restoration
Social Media Spurs Solar Geoengineering Conspiracy Theories