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DeepShake uses machine learning to rapidly estimate earthquake shaking intensity
An easy-to-use platform is a gateway to AI in microscopy
3D motion tracking system could streamline vision for autonomous tech
Newly developed AI uses combination of ECG and X-ray results to diagnose arrhythmic disorders
Gold digger: Neural networks at nexus of data science and electron microscopy
Intelligent robots increase benefit from fresh produce
Artificial intelligence could be used to triage patients suspected at risk of early stage oesophageal cancer
Toward deep-learning models that can reason about code more like humans
Designing better antibody drugs with artificial intelligence
Vici grant for mathematician Remco Duits
Working on search engines with a modern artificial intelligence perspective
How AI will shape smart cities
AstraZeneca accelerates early oncology pipeline across key strategic scientific platforms at AACR
Toyota Launches LS and Mirai Equipped with “Advanced Drive” that Enables Drivers and Cars to Drive Together
Rice, Intel optimize AI training for commodity hardware
Scientists harness chaos to protect devices from hackers
Screening for Skin Disease on Your Laptop
An artificial intelligence tool that can help detect melanoma
UW Medicine, Microsoft seek fast future pandemic responses
Scientists turn to deep learning to improve air quality forecasts
How automated driving can pave way for safe mobility
AI generated proteins will speed up drug development
‘Leap forward’ in risk management of rectal cancer
More transparency and understanding into machine behaviors
Image analysis based on machine learning reliably identifies haematological malignancies challenging for human eye
Researchers’ algorithm designs soft robots that sense
Scientists aim to pandemic-proof NHS supply chain
Artificial intelligence meets quantum physics
Novel deep learning framework for symbolic regression
EPFL algorithm in world’s most popular deep learning software
Artificial intelligence that more closely mimics mind
Digital fishing challenge casts wide net
Using artificial intelligence to generate 3D holograms in real-time
Future virtual fitting rooms
Algorithm helps artificial intelligence systems dodge “adversarial” inputs
Retrofitting MIT’s deep learning “boot camp” for virtual world
‘Self-trained’ deep learning to improve disease diagnosis
Tech Policy Lab launches with focus on AI
Cornell Tech Policy Lab launches with focus on AI
AI shows attitude toward COVID-19 is more ‘infectious’ than disease itself
We can shine in cutting-edge medical manufacturing
AI: next enabler of media, journalism, and content creation?
Deep learning amyotrophic lateral sclerosis by taking pictures
Retiring Director Bill Goldstein leaves behind a rich legacy of extraordinary growth, innovation for Lab
Deep-Learning and 3D Holographic Microscopy Beats Scientists at Analyzing Cancer Immunotherapy
Artificial intelligence deciphers genetic instructions
Launch of four European projects to develop avantgarde technologies
AI predicts efficacy of breast cancer treatment directly from tumor architecture