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Research finds how heart repairs after heart attack
COVID vaccines do not impact fertility or pregnancy outcomes, study shows
Zebrafish biologist elected to National Academy of Sciences
COVID booster needed for broad protection against omicron variants
Attend ‘AI and Machine Learning in Biomedical Research’ on May 24
Tiling mechanisms of Drosophila compound eye through geometrical tessellation
Studying human development in dish
Cell division finding could lead to new cancer treatments
Researchers investigate self-regulation of an enzyme with critical cellular functions
Cell division in moss and animals more similar than previously thought
Awards & Accolades 5 May
How genome organization influences cell fate
Neural pathway key to sensation of pleasant touch identified
Lab findings suggest EGFR inhibitors may prevent rhabdomyosarcoma recurrence
Covid vaccine protects kids and teens from severe illness
Injectable stem cell assembly for cartilage regeneration
UCLA-led team creates first comprehensive map of human blood stem cell development
New Hope for Predicting and Treating Heart Failure in Babies Born with Deadly Heart Defect
Mount Sinai develops method to advance maturation of human pluripotent stem cell-derived heart cells
Decoding molecular clock that controls neurogenesis in visual center of Drosophila
Vanderbilt University, Medical Center reach $1B milestone together in research funding
Synthetic key unlocks hidden biology treasure chest
New technique to unravel gene regulation
Penn Researchers Discover New Cell Type in Human Lung with Regenerative Properties
Head-Mounted Microscope Reaches Deeper into How Brain Works
Scientists identify new targets for immunotherapy in colon cancer
Vanderbilt ranks 12th in annual survey of NIH funding; 2021 awards topped $445M
Anti-inflammatories show promise for treating late-pregnancy complication
St. Jude at American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting
How obesity can rewire immune system and response to immunotherapy-and how to change that
Study Shows Critical Protein May Play Role in Origin of Mesothelioma
Research reveals critical protein may play role in origin of mesothelioma
Head-Mounted Microscope Reaches Deeper into Mouse Brains
Tiny protein variation has huge impact on all animals and plants
Fruit fly study uncovers functional significance of gene mutations associated with autism
Could Viruses, Olfactory ‘Railroad Track’ Unlock Alzheimer’s Puzzle?
International team creates first complete fruit fly cell atlas
Mitosis revealed in detail
Secret to longevity? Ask yellow-bellied marmot
Awards &Accolades
Researchers describe process for extending longevity of stem cells
Genome Refolding Contributes to Cancer Therapy Resistance, Penn Study Finds
Booster critical as Covid vaccine-induced antibodies wane in 6 months, don’t protect against omicron
Study identifies key regulator of cell differentiation
When Protective Gene Buffers Bad One, Heart Can Beat
UF scientists study translucent sea creatures to understand early brains
Colorectal cancers raise defensive barrier in response to chemotherapy
Researchers find link between excessive R-loop levels and DNA damage to be potential cause of disease