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“First time” achievements in pandemic influenza preparedness in two regions with high humanitarian and public health vulnerabilities
Twisted vibrations enable quality control for chiral drugs and supplements
NIH launches program to offer molecular characterization of childhood cancers
On World TB day WHO calls for increased investments into TB services and research
Leveraging AI to work with cells
Researchers uncover new targets for treating Parkinson’s disease
Younger patients with appendicitis are more likely to have cancer of appendix
Younger appendicitis patients more likely to have appendix cancer
New PCR test can identify all Covid variants in positive patient sample
New direction for Victoria University research
Brain studies show thousands of participants are needed for accurate results
Neuroscientist partners with law firm for concussion research
Rapid PCR test receives FDA emergency use authorization
New spin-off Nimble Diagnostics to commercialize technology for monitoring stents and identifying heart conditions
Genomic profiling of pediatric cancer may expand treatment options for patients experiencing relapse
Rice, Houston Methodist launch Center for Human Performance
Biotechnology: Enzymes in Cage
Scientists create new lead-free piezoelectric materials
Magnetic reconnection breakthrough may help predict space weather
Researcher makes magnetic reconnection breakthrough, may help predict space weather
Rubin Observatory’s giant data acquisition system
Mandatory masking in schools reduced Covid cases during Delta surge
WHO Global Health Facilities Database: Ensuring access to primary healthcare and UHC
TSU will examine Kolva River and plan restoration
First PhD student at Plant Innovation Centre at Post-Entry Quarantine
Together We Can Revolutionise NHS, Through Individual Responsibility
Launch of Member Profiles on WMO Community Platform
New Grant Program To Boost Local Medtech Manufacturing
University of Toronto startup doing what ‘no one has done before’
Minister Sajjan concludes productive visit with UN and international partners in Geneva
UK’s Anthony, Risko Receive NSF Special Creativity Award
LLNL scientists confirm thermonuclear fusion in sheared-flow Z-pinch
Eighth Meeting of Multilateral Leaders Task Force on COVID-19, 1 March 2022
Emerging Covid Research Gaps and Priorities
Far Infrared Emission of Galaxies with Active Supermassive Black Holes
New DNA computer assesses water quality
Novel and clinically validated optical biosensor enables rapid and quantitative serological testing of Covid
Academia, industry, or somewhere else?
How to convert carbon dioxide into building blocks for fuel
Understanding hot-spot conditions in experiments at National Ignition Facility
New epigenetic biomarkers found that potentially predict preterm birth
Study sheds light on antibiotics-associated diarrhea
Inappropriate use of 228 clinical practices in Canada
Bridging worlds of research and industry
Research on nanoelectronics
Health Secretary sets out ambitious tech agenda
Artificial intelligence platform reveals potential for thyroid cancer screening and staging from ultrasound images
Guidance from Hungarian chemists shapes catalysts of future