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Study Reveals Phylogeny and Adaptative Evolution of Barnacles to Deep-sea Chemosynthetic Habitat
Manmade wetlands, barrier to spread of microplastics
Smart move into world’s fifth largest pension market
Groundbreaking decision creates pathway for climate justice on Torres Strait Islands
Will climate-change-driven temporal variation in precipitation affect crop yields and reactive nitrogen losses
FAO and Slow Food renew collaboration to improve smallholder livelihoods
Australia violated Torres Strait Islanders’ rights to enjoy culture and family life, UN Committee finds
Want noisy miners to be less despotic?
New proposal to increase marine sanctuary in Great Sandy Marine Park could see greater protection for dugongs, turtles
Wood-eating termites really like it when it’s hot: study
Canada announces appointments for Board of Directors of Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated
Integrated modeling framework to assess surface and groundwater resources
Statement on Nature Crime
Integrated modeling framework to assess surface and ground water resources
Gut microbiomes help bears with very different diets reach same size
Biden-Harris Administration Announces Full Operation of California Solar Project That Will Power More Than 145,000 Homes
Microplastics found in commercial fish from southern New Zealand
Tropical soils ‘highly sensitive’ to global warming
Moratorium on deep sea mining step closer
Benefits of biosolids spread across decades of research
How you can help keep our beaches beautiful
Macron condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as ‘return to imperialism’, calls on UN to support path to peace
Macquarie Asset Management publishes Sustainability Report
Extensive consortium project aims to dismantle regulatory barriers to use of hydrogen and bio-based carbon dioxide
How many ants are there?
Climate change may impact marine environments more than anything else
HKU initiates Global Ant Census, at least twenty quadrillion ants dominate global ecosystems
Hey suburbanites, meet neighbors. . .tick-carrying white-tailed deer
Understanding new breach in world’s largest living thing
Temperature Contributes Most to Geographical Distribution of Two Giant Honeybees
Expand your horizons with postdoctoral fellowship at IIASA
Assistant Secretary Cantor Visits Northern Mariana Islands, Announces $410,974
Global cooperation to protect ozone layer can ensure better future for us all
World Ozone Day commemorates 35 years of successful ozone layer protection
‘If we buy these imported products, we are co-responsible for global decline in biodiversity’
Mexican mangroves have been capturing carbon for 5,000 years
Researchers discover expanding and intensifying low-oxygen zone in Arabian gulf
When microbiomes collide
Biodiversity loss and climate change, two mutually reinforcing crises
NATO steps up engagement with private sector on emerging technologies
Cumberland City Council celebrates nature, ecosystems and animals this September for National Biodiversity Month
Predator-Proof Fence Protecting Precious Wildlife
Tropical insects are extremely sensitive to changing climates
McGowan Government launches data platform to boost innovation
Mining in shallow marine areas endangers sustainability goals
Last chance to become Nature Steward this spring
WHO launches guide to safely unlock benefits of life sciences
How animals use their circalunar clock to control sexual maturation and reproduction