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Torquay Set To Welcome Great Ocean Road Volleyfest
Data from elephant seals reveal new features of marine heatwave ‘the Blob’
City life or farm life? When elephants adapt to different human development
Curious kids: why don’t whales have teeth like we do?
Union statement re proposed Shell lock-out on Prelude
Environmental crisis will force action on green energy
Skin: Additional Tool for Versatile Elephant Trunk
Additional tool for versatile elephant trunk
Action of drug compounds in tissue revealed by new technique
Tributes to Tricia Asian Elephant flow in from community
WA Farewells Tricia Asian Elephant
Study explores coevolution of mammals and their lice
Elephant bone in room
Research suggests that most of our evolutionary trees could be wrong
Danish wild boars are doing surprisingly well, despite century of inbreeding
‘The memory of goldfish and agility of an elephant’, AGL’s claims out of step with market
Fashion faux pas: fashion trends are costing environment
Researchers Conduct First Assessment of Metabolites in African Savanna Elephants
Sale of donkey skins linked to trade in illegal wildlife products
WA Premier’s Book Awards shortlists announced
No rest for new elephant mothers
Carers’ mental health worse than most during pandemic
All our clothing will be made from plants, just like in 1900
Physics of fire ant rafts could help engineers design swarming robots
Clean Up Australia Day activities target city’s parks and waterways
DNA testing exposes tactics of international criminal networks trafficking elephant ivory
Study recommends six steps to improve our water quality
Research recommends six steps to improve our water quality
New division in genetic load helps species conservation
Sites in India and Nepal awarded for doubling tiger populations
Crowd favourite costumed runner returns for Sun Run 2022
Microbiologists are building bacteria that convert CO2 into food
Hague Program on International Cyber Security: looking for elephant in room
Forensic lab aids crack down on illegal wildlife trade in Viet Nam
Antarctic oceanographers use seals to do research where ships fear to go
RSPCA reveals wackiest animal rescue call-outs for 2021
Tuesday 14 December, 2021 Mayor Cr Chris Meddows-Taylor – Maryboro
Bid to save South waterway
Stunning images unveiled at National Wool Museum
Border Force seizes hundreds of endangered species products
‘Super jelly’ can survive being run over by car
Colour Dash to support International Day of People with Disability
Magnificent seven
Seed-handling Ability is Pivotal in Seed Dispersal in Tropical Rainforests
AgForce fights for Queensland growers as fertiliser giant announces plant closure
Pinniped Craniofacial Musculature Provides Insight on its Role in Aquatic Feeding
Consumer Demand for Elephant Ivory Remains in Decline, Fifth Annual Survey in China Finds
Cooperation Breaks down in Asian Elephants when Food Reward is Limited