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Youth violence prevention program reveals success in emergency room, primary care settings
Delaying second dose of mRNA Covid vaccine produces stronger immune response
Falling off perch… gracefully
Colleges offer condolences on death of emergency nurse
Popular blood thinners may lead to brain bleeding after head injury
General Medical Council gives go ahead for Chester Medical School to train doctors with support of Warwick Medical School
National standard of care for anaphylaxis will save lives
Rural ERs, despite threat of closure, save lives at similar rate as urban hospitals
Statement on Independent Inquiry into Perth Children’s Hospital
Covid in NT: Emergency doctors urge public to seek care if needed
EMS responders may be vulnerable to outbreaks
ACEM welcomes 2021 – 2023 President Dr Clare Skinner
Automated Texting System Saved Lives Weekly During First COVID Surge
Hospital beds in Tasmania increasing, while surgery waitlist goes down
Reducing pressure on Royal Hobart Hospital Emergency Department
Virtual reality to help train cardiologists
Brain Activity Patterns After Trauma May Predict Long-Term Mental Health
Research Snapshot: Covid virus test sensitivity varies with body’s circadian rhythm
Genetic Markers May Predict Severity of Covid Infection
U-M Innovation Partnerships announces record number of commercialization agreements
Three-year MD program grads have less debt, are ready for residency
Antibiotics for appendicitis: Study findings finalized
Most patients with appendicitis can have antibiotics as their first treatment, rather than appendectomy
Partnering with traditional healers boosts HIV testing in Uganda
Pathway Opens For Territory Rural Generalists
Yelp Star Ratings on Health Care Facilities May Reveal County-Level Death Rate Disparities
Challenges and lessons learned caring for diverse, vulnerable populations in ER
Penn Researchers to Study Impact of Environmental and Economic Interventions on Reducing Health Disparities
View from Ground in Quake-Ravaged Haiti
Using electronic health records to predict physician departure
Most Violence-Related Injuries Involving Adolescents Occur from Family Violence at Home
Paper urges wealthy nations to delay Covid boosters
MRNA COVID vaccines highly effective at preventing symptomatic infection in health workers
CU Anschutz Puts Strong Focus on Mental Health Needs
AACEM leaders publish paper urging action to address emergency department crowding
EMS ketamine use on agitated patients on cocaine increases intubation 5.75-fold
Researchers’ novel mind-body program outperforms other forms of treatment for chronic back pain
President of Myanmar Emergency Medicine Society speaks out
New life-saving technique for shark attack victims
Improving lives of Australians through health and medical research
Toward smarter electronic health record
Gun violence exposure linked to higher rates of mental health-related ED visits by children
Gun Violence Exposure Associated with Higher Rates of Mental Health-Related ED Visits by Children
Smaller is better for detecting biomarkers of trauma and cancer
Doctors sign open letter calling for meaningful action on climate change
Penn Presbyterian Medical Center Trauma Division Launches Partnership with United States Navy
Delirium care standard recognises value of family and carer support
UPMC and Pitt Provide First Results of Largest Comparative Randomized Trial of Monoclonal Antibody Treatment for Covid