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Pfizer vaccine reduces risk of Covid infection in children
Queen Mary awarded funding for new healthy ageing networks
GlyNAC supplementation extends life span in mice
GlyNAC supplementation extends life span
Study finds drinking wine with meals was associated with lower risk of type 2 diabetes
Women with irregular periods may be at risk for liver disease
University of Southern California endocrinologist takes Alzheimer’s disease research in new directions
Scientists examine intersectionality in cancer care
Analogy-based education improves glycemic control in diabetic patients with hyperglycemia
Obesity may increase end-stage kidney disease risk in women with type 2 diabetes
Diabetes Center Helps Young Patients in Hard-to-Reach Communities
Researchers to study Covid effects on maternal, child health during pregnancy
New Institute Seeks Remedy for Medical Misinformation
Men with high levels of body fat may be at risk for osteoporosis
Diabetes drugs could save thousands of lives
Men with sex addiction may have elevated levels of “love hormone”
Hepatitis E virus defies alcohol-based hand disinfectants
PMA Medical Specialists to Join Penn Medicine
Obesity is more prevalent in people with type 1 diabetes than previously thought
Rheumatology works to identify and support patients at greater risk of fragility fractures
Endocrinology specialist diagnoses patient with rare bone-weakening disease
Circadian clock in heart failure
Endocrine Society statement addresses racism in endocrinology
Impact of Metabolic Syndrome on Severity of Covid Illness
Less than 1 in 5 adults with Type 2 diabetes in U.S. are meeting optimal heart health targets
Abnormal thyroid hormone levels during pregnancy may increase risk of preschool boys’ behavioral problems
Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center Names New Acting Director
New treatment leads to much less overeating
Covid patients have severely increased levels of oxidative stress and oxidant damage, and glutathione deficiency
Exercise at high altitude could increase low blood sugar risk in people with diabetes
People with high-risk prediabetes benefit from intensive lifestyle intervention
Heart Disease-Protective Diabetes Drug Not Used Equitably, Penn Study Finds
Research takes early step towards drug to treat common diabetes complication hypoglycaemia
Research takes early step towards drug to treat common diabetes complication hypoglycemia
Scientists Map Glycosylation Patterns Associated With Alzheimer’s Disease
Gap in diabetes technology use among Black and white Medicare beneficiaries is worsening
International Comprehensive Consensus Issued on Management of Achondroplasia
Anxiodepressive disorders: much more than matter of weight
My CAHNR Experience: Shawn Re, Overcoming Application Obstacle
Stem cell-based treatment produces insulin in patients with Type 1 diabetes
Transgender women may be more likely to have type 2 diabetes than cisgender women
New £11.6 million PhD Programme for health research in underrepresented populations
Testosterone-producing Leydig cells successfully generated from iPS cells
Re-setting clock on heart disease
Bristol childhood obesity clinic forms blueprint for national NHS pilot
New gene identified that contributes to progression to type 1 diabetes
New biomarkers for type 1 diabetes
Do-It-Yourself artificial pancreas given approval by team of experts