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Obesity risk may pass from mothers to daughters
SARS-CoV-2 unlikely to cause type 1 diabetes
Risk of Obesity May be Inherited from Mothers to Daughters
Research: Bulevirtide Effective for Treating Chronic Hepatitis D
GIP Prevents Diet-Induced Obesity in Mice
Remote BP Program Enhances Care in Pandemic: Study
Review of LA Growth Hormone Therapy for Kids: Past & Present
Osteoporosis Affects 10 Million Americans
Diabetes rates rising in youth
Obesity Linked to Diabetes and Hypertension in Women
HKUMed: New Glucose-Lowering Drug Reduces Risk of Diseases
1 in 5 Patients Refusing Statins at Risk of Heart Disease
We Are Planet Earth: Microbes Rule
First Trial of GABA/GAD for Young Children with Type 1 Diabetes
Diabetes Management Improves Outcomes in Sydney’s South West
Men ageing gracefully: more testosterone may not be key
Risk of Diabetes in Women Linked to Phthalate Exposure
Pier perfection: Pediatric specialty clinic gets mural makeover
Lower Muscle Density Linked to Poor Balance, Risk of Falls
Research: Age-Related Fat May Impair Muscle Function
Brain Injuries Drop 20% for Babies with Heart Defects
Ellen de Bruijn Awarded EU Subsidy to Research Women’s Brain Fluctuations
European funding for five projects
Novel Workplace Intervention Results in Meaningful Weight Loss
How to Choose Diet That’s Right for You
10-Minute Scan Detects, Treats Most Common High BP Cause
10-Minute Scan Treats Most Common Hypertension Cause
Obesity-Linked Trigger May Cause Diabetes: Study
Simple Test Cuts Hospital Tests for Adrenal Insufficiency by 70%
Simple Test May Improve Health of Adrenal Insufficiency Patients
Integrating Precision Medicine into Child Thyroid Cancer Care
GABA Action Relies on Protein ‘Anchors’
Researchers Block Transplant Rejection with Decoy Antibodies
Researchers Aim to Prevent Rejection of Transplanted Cells with Decoy Antibodies
Researchers Uncover Water-Based Sex Reversal in Humans
Humpty-Dumpty Water Mechanism of Sex Reversal Found by IU Researchers
Osteoporosis Screening Lags Behind Other Diseases
Intermittent Fasting May Reverse Type 2 Diabetes: Study
Women who take more steps per day may have a lower risk of diabetes
Refining how doctors assess hypertension risk
UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland Among Nation’s Best
Stress hormones could explain rising infections in Norwegian salmon
Experts boost activity of potential therapeutic targets in triple-negative breast cancer
Significant gaps and inequalities in provision of specialist child weight management services
Baylor Medicine Receives Gold+, Gold and Silver Recognitions from American Heart Association
Novel approach to treat and prevent Type 2 diabetes
Novel PET Agent Effectively Detects Multiple Cancers, Identifies Patients for Targeted Therapies
King’s researchers highlight anti-ageing potential in family of diabetes medicine