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$26m funding injection for cardiovascular and cancer research
$13.6 million for reproductive, childhood brain and other cancer clinical trials
Dark shadow of type 2 diabetes
Diabetes dramatically increases dementia risk, doubles chance of some cancers
Researchers discover new method of detecting endometrial cancer
Massive study reveals how “hypermutated” malignant brain tumors with many mutations escape
Breastfeeding linked to lower ovarian cancer risk
QIMR Berghofer scientist named Cure Cancer Researcher of year
Combined therapy may improve clinical responses for endometrial, colorectal and gastric tumors
Study identifies risk factors for endometrial cancer
Molecular roadmap boosts fight against endometrial cancer
New, Detailed Molecular Roadmap Boosts Fight Against Endometrial Cancer
New research to investigate link between obesity and endometrial cancer
Provisional application receives approval through first international collaborative review initiative between TGA, FDA and HC
Provisional approval of lenvatinib in combination with pembrolizumab for treatment of advanced endometrial carcinoma
Endometrial diseases can be imitated in a lab dish, new study shows
Researchers identify stem cell source of key process in female reproduction