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Electrocatalysis for CO2 Conversion: from Fundamentals to Value-added Products
Stone Age bear genome reconstructed from DNA in Mexican cave
Green hydrogen: “Rust” as a photoanode and its limits
New AI tool tracks evolution of COVID-19 conspiracy theories on social media
Durham among first to use Hubble’s successor
Scientists crack ‘the Brazil-nut’ puzzle, how do largest nuts rise to top?
Chinese Researchers Detect Largest Number of Galaxy Clusters
Study Sheds Light on Stellar Origin of 60Fe
Lexus Premieres New ES
Egg and sperm cell size evolved from competition
An impetus from art history for medieval research
Multiple Mare Flooding Events Occur inside Von Kármán Crater during Imbrian Period
Islands give rise to evolutionary giants and dwarfs
Most detailed look at kelp forests to date finds unseen parasites dominate species interactions
Ingenious mechanism for sucrose metabolism in lepidopteran insects
Researchers Identify Key Factors Influencing ELM-induced Tungsten Erosion in EAST Tokamak
Boomerangs return with greater insights into ample uses
Navy Identifies Sailor Who Died During Training Exercise
Fourth annual ICAO Drone Enable to explore latest UAS and RPAS developments
Geneticists comb DNA of “survivor” fish for clues to withstanding climate change
Service sector key to future wages growth
Phyllotaxis modelling project wins funding from Human Frontier Science Program
Relationship Between El Niño-Southern Oscillation and Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall Is Restoring
Presenting… early stage researchers: Johannes Herpell is rethinking agriculture
Satellite imagery reveals three decades of coastal change
New method of artificially creating genetic switches for yeast
Chillest Ape: How Humans Evolved A Super-High Cooling Capacity
Joyful Screams Perceived More Strongly than Screams of Fear or Anger
Cotton-based Electrocatalyst Offers New Solution for Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Researchers Unveil Geological History of Three Great Asian Plateaus
Will summer slow spread of COVID-19? New research sheds light
Team investigating evolution of bacterial ‘tails’ wins prestigious grant
Sod turning marks start of new Long Reef Surf Club
Study finds rapid evolution in foxgloves pollinated by hummingbirds
Amounts of organic molecules in planetary systems differ from early on
Transformation and solidarity key to post-pandemic recovery, ICAO tells tourism Crisis Committee
Exploration of ocean currents beneath ‘Doomsday Glacier’ by an autonomous underwater vehicle
SFU to lead new national infectious disease modeling network
IMF Staff Completes 2021 Article IV Mission to Botswana
Diversity and Variability of Star Formation
Forecast is for rainbows on Midsumma horizon
NFB at 2021 Annecy International Animation Film Festival. Four shorts selected for official competition
Corals Carefully Organize Proteins to Form Rock-Hard Skeletons
Modern Human Brain Originated in Africa Around 1.7 Million Years Ago
Stroud honored with American Society of Naturalists award
Carolyn Wilkins appointed to Financial Policy Committee
UNSW researcher awarded $1.8m international life science grant
Threatened fish species thrive at Rowley Shoals