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Save Koala laws debated in Senate
Farmers and scientists unite for pint-sized pygmies
Princess Cruises’ Guests Support Wildlife in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands
UO biologist chosen for a Sloan Research Fellowship
Climate Change Likely Drove Extinction of North America’s Largest Animals
Protecting and increasing Tasmania’s Orange-bellied Parrot population
Improving chances of survival for our mammal emblem and unique orchid
Enormous ancient fish discovered by accident
Greens introduce new laws to save our koalas
Friends matter: More sociable giraffes live longer
New DNA-based technique allows researchers to determine age of living beluga whales in Alaska
Natural England Chair welcomes Dasgupta Review
Australia’s koala park to generate $1.2 billion and 9,800+ jobs
Scientists call on Australian Government to implement Samuel review recommendations
Rodent eradication gives Lord Howe biodiversity boom
Brutally honest review of national environment laws leads to calls for urgent reforms
Why do psychiatric drugs help some, but not others? New study offers clues
Sharks and rays facing unprecedented extinction risk
Greens urge Morrison to introduce stronger environment laws after scathing review
World’s oceanic sharks and rays decline by 71% in last 50 years
Ocean sharks and rays threatened with extinction
Food and agricultural systems should be reformed to recover from COVID-19
Investigating mathematics of extinction
Scientists produce first in-vitro embryos from vitrified African lion oocytes
Are Britain’s land animals eating plastic?
Parrots pushed to extinction, despite protection policies
Auditor-General asked to investigate dodgy Yeelirrie uranium mine approval
‘Dinosaur tree’ declared Asset of Intergenerational Significance
Dire Wolves: not just a Game of Thrones’ fantasy – a fearsome distinct, but extinct, canine
Ancient DNA reveals secrets of Game of Thrones dire wolves
Ancient DNA reveals secrets of Game of Thrones wolves
Grim prognosis – we’re on track for a ghastly future
A ‘ghastly future’ unless extraordinary action is taken soon on sustainability
From ashes, there are always opportunities for agriculture
Researchers Find Nonnative Species in Oahu Play Greater Role in Seed Dispersal Networks
Big Differences in How Coral Reef Fish Larvae are Dispersed
COVID-19 transmission chains in UK traced back to Spain, France and Italy
Native biodiversity collapse in Eastern Mediterranean
What is status of public plant breeding programs in United States?
Organic matter, bacteria doom sea stars to oxygen depletion
Remote Hawaiian island harbors last land snails of their kind
Tasmanian devils may survive their own pandemic
Volcanic eruptions directly triggered ocean acidification during Early Cretaceous
Current food production systems could mean far-reaching habitat loss
Cameras highlight challenges for chick survival
New plan to turn back tide of extinction
Researchers dive into biogeochemistry of ocean anoxic zones