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Greenpeace Urges Rethink on Tuna in Three Ways
UBC Study: Harmful Fisheries Subsidies Lead to Overfishing
Squid Fishing Grows 68% in 3 Years, Raising Industry Fears
‘The blue economy should become far more diverse’
Tracking of Vulnerable seabirds reveals difference in foraging patterns
Machine Learning Used to Identify Shark Risks from Longline Fishing
Greenpeace seizes 30km of industrial fishing gear in North Atlantic
Hooked on sharks
Upgrading Lakes Entrance Western Training Wall
Background Press Call on President’s National Security Memorandum on Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing
Canada continues to innovate in fight against illegal fishing on high seas
Unjustified attack on regional jobs
Greens proposal would hit recovery and jobs
Dolphins, turtles and birds don’t have to die in fishing gear – skilled fishers can avoid it
Squid games that are costing planet
Odyssey project supports ocean science
Nearly half of countries’ shared fish stocks are on move due to climate change, prompting dispute concerns
Climatic changes and overfishing depleted Baltic herring long before industrialisation
Survival of richest – attempts to curb illegal fishing are hurting small-scale fishers in Africa most
University of York scientist joins global call to ban harmful fisheries subsidies
Economist calls on WTO to end harmful subsidies that lead to overfishing
Scientists call for an end to harmful fishing subsidies
UWA scientists join international push to ban harmful fisheries subsidies
Satellite tracker shows juvenile Antipodean albatross bycaught in high seas
Nearly 40% of world’s shark and rays threatened with extinction, new study reveals
Tag, you’re it: Researchers look to skies for tracking Southern Ocean whales. 19 August 2021
UK Government to introduce world-leading ban on shark fin trade
Canada invests $50 million in fishing harbours in Steveston and throughout British Columbia
Sharks in Costa Brava: evidence of an ongoing decline
Government taking action to protect albatross
Illegal foreign fishing vessels boarded and destroyed
Study uncovers drivers of fishers’ decisions of where to fish
Marine conservationists welcome funding for cameras on boats
New Zealand leading world to eliminate fishing subsidies
Walls of death: fisheries threaten livelihoods in Indian Ocean, report reveals
Increased support for fishing and shellfish businesses
Sole Antipodean albatross chick from Chathams being tracked
Scottish seafood taskforce meets to drive progress
£23 million Seafood Disruption Support Scheme now open
UK Government and seafood industry make good progress on exports
Protecting and Preserving a Free and Open South China Sea
Silky sharks find hope in Atlantic, remain targets in Indo-Pacific
Global fisheries could alleviate a global food emergency in extreme situations
EU Exit Update on negotiations and work of Joint Committee
Sister cities united through youth and art
Banks of Antarctica’s Ross Sea offer rich food source for emperor penguins
Report exposes rampant illegal fishing in North Korean waters
First World Albatross Day Celebrated