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FIU, ProTrain Partner for Path to Lucrative Jobs via Certificates
New program boldly goes where no FIU curriculum has gone before
Fla. Rare Orchid Saved from Extinction
New discovery leads way to reverse osteoporosis – with pill
Rare orchids could be saved by common fruits in Florida, research finds
FIU Gets $3M NIH Grant for Bladder Research Using Electric Stimulation
FIU Receives $64M in Federal Funds for Research
Telehealth Treats Behavior Problems in Young Kids with Developmental Delay
Sea turtles in landscape of fear
Reducing wind damage is focus of partnership between top U.S. companies, FIU, Texas Tech and Florida Tech
Amid coup, counter-coup claims – what really went down in Peru and why?
FIU receives $3.2M from Army Corps of Engineers to research 3D printing Ultra-High Performance Concrete
FIU researchers patent synthetic antibiotic
Five key factors influence physical activity in multiethnic older adults
National Institute of Justice awards FIU $1M to improve investigation and prosecution of hate crimes
Immersion by water: Chance encounter led Arturo Leon to engineering career in hydraulics
Understanding connection between oceans, atmosphere drive climate scientist’s work
FIU receives $1.69 million to support STEM research and education
How can academia help diversify intelligence community?
Researcher isn’t in Upside Down. But she is studying ‘Stranger Things’
FIU Law adds scholars in addiction and mental health policy, environmental law
President Biden receives poor marks from Cuban American voters, many of whom want Trump on ballot in 2024
$1.5 million grant funds scholarships in STEM
What is tree island, and how does it help with carbon storage?
Senior Official for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Allen Travels to Costa Rica and Miami
Black prosecutors are more punitive toward Black and Latinx defendants than toward similarly situated white defendants
Hurricanes are producing more rain, FIU study finds
First female grad of Master’s in IoT pays it forward
UK, NSF-funded partners complete phase 1 to reimagine global cyberinfrastructure
NSF funds research to uncover secrets of shrimp that call deep ocean’s underwater volcanos home
UPE at FIU hosts largest hackathon in Florida with top tech companies in attendance
Future of geopolitics
Biomedical advance targets major contributor to cardiovascular disease
FIU top patent producer
Ethnic identity tied to disparities in school suspensions among Florida youth
NSF, DOD partner to advance 5G technologies and communications for U.S. military, government and critical infrastructure operators
Transforming Coral Gables into model smart city
FIU partners with data science training provider Metis to offer bootcamp for high-in-demand tech skills
Wearable devices could help predict seizures
Youth engaged in digital self-harm 9 to 15 times more likely to attempt suicide
Dolphins form largest alliance network outside humans, study finds
Dolphins form largest alliance network outside humans
FIU technology heads to International Space Station
High levels of toxic mercury in some species of shark meat, fins pose dangers to human health
Researcher earns global recognition for combating illegal wildlife trade
Department of Defense Awards $2 Million for Universities to Research Hypersonics Technologies
FIU researchers discover how DDT exposure contributes to Alzheimer’s disease risk
Researchers discover how DDT exposure contributes to Alzheimer’s risk