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COVID-19 variants develop better lock-picking skills to invade human cells
Engineer explains complexity of investigation into Surfside condo collapse-how changes in local design philosophies
FIU geophysicist sheds light on Miami Beach land subsidence study
Controversies and consensus in thyroid cancer care
Local condo building collapse has community seeking answers
When sharks need a power nap, they go surfing
Warming lakes put biodiversity at risk
Key to Carbon-Free Cars? Look to Stars
DNA test kit saves thousands of Earth’s most bizarre turtles
Basic building block to earliest forms of life discovered
Bimini dredge leaves its mark on sharks’ DNA
Whale consumption should be dramatically decreased in Caribbean to avoid mercury poisoning
Beyond good grammar and punctuation-FIU Online zeros in on accessibility and inclusion
FIU’s computing and information honor society wins national Continuing Excellence Award
Parrot poachers striking while market’s hot
Killer whales can’t be picky eaters in Caribbean
Volunteering at FIU’s COVID-19 vaccine clinic
Researchers work to bring Biscayne Bay back from brink
Researchers works to bring Biscayne Bay back from brink
Epidemiologist warns pandemic is far from over
BSI researchers discover protein that guards against prostate cancer, fatty liver disease, diabetes
Voting rights advocate Desmond Meade to receive 2021 Brown Democracy Medal
How lessons from past emergencies could improve pandemic response
FIU is among three universities receiving NSF funds to study climate change in tropics
Stroud honored with American Society of Naturalists award
5 things to know about environmental threats facing Tampa Bay
Environmental researchers uncover story of Amazon’s understory
Trimble and FIU establish Trimble Technology Lab at Moss School of Construction, Infrastructure and Sustainability
This common shoulder injury could heal faster, thanks to first implant that recreates a crucial tissue structure
Ocean’s mammals at crucial crossroads
River connectivity inspires collaborative research efforts
Rare opportunity: Sophomores gain early acceptance to medical school
Moray eels thrive on coral reefs close to people
People could thing a thing or 2 from spiny lobsters, like how to stop spread of COVID-19
Growing our way out of nutrient problems on our waterways
Growing our way of nutrient problems on our waterways
In Brazil, many smaller dams disrupt fish more than large hydropower projects
Penn Physicist, Physician Team Awarded $2 Million NIH Grant to Develop Portable COVID-19 Detector for Use
FIU starts COVID-19 vaccinations
Pollutants cause quick growth, leave less for future
Hormone metabolites found in poop give researchers new insight into whale stress
FIU’s Global Forensic and Justice Center awarded nearly $7 million in federal funding
Silky sharks find hope in Atlantic, remain targets in Indo-Pacific
Three vitamins, minerals to boost your immune system and fight COVID-19
FIU, first four-year research university in State of Florida to offer Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program
Ironing Out Technetium Contamination
FIU’s Ratcliffe Art + Design Incubator awarded $2.5 million to develop entrepreneurial leaders
For countries that do not, calcium-fortified food might be way to curb bone defects