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CO2 Electrolysis as Alternative to Coal
Launch of Jülich Summer Academy 2023
European Quantum Computer Project OpenSuperQ Is Extended
How “quantum-ready” are German companies?
Mourning Loss of Astrid Kiendler-Scharr, Atmos. Climate Researcher
ERC Consolidator Grant for Dr. Ian Marius Peters
Cooling Particles
Jülich Quantum Computer Solves Protein Puzzle
Cutting Better with Quantum Computing
One step closer to exascale
Junior Researcher Vincent Mourik Inducted Into “Junge Kolleg NRW”
Collecting Data for Innovative Pedestrian Models with AI
Innovation offensive in Rhenish Mining Area for sustainable fibre economy
How fine bubbles lead to more efficient catalysts
High-resolution microscopy for analysis of protein complexes
Climate research: Third Lufthansa Group aircraft in service for project IAGOS
Excellent estimates
Quantum Cinema: 11.3 Million Euros for Super Slow-Motion Microscopy of Electrons
Human Brain Project: Scientists Propose New Guidelines for Describing Network Connectivity
“Gerhard Ertl Young Investigator Award 2022” for Dr. Taner Esat
Researchers Test Next Stage of Record-Breaking Fusion Experiment JET
Exotic Electronic Effect Found in 2D Topological Material
Key Element for Scalable Quantum Computer
Official Opening of Helmholtz Hydrogen Cluster HC-H2 in Brainergy Park Jülich
“Advanced Electronic Materials” Honours Prof. Rainer Waser as a Pioneer of Memristive Devices
Hemispheres are not equal
New Tool for Cryo-Electron Microscopy
Jülich physicists discover new rule for orbital formation in chemical reactions
Smart Bioelectronics for Skin and Brain
New Insights into Interaction of Topological Insulators
Synapses as model: solid-state memory in neuromorphic circuits
Faster than Biological Model
Tonga volcano eruption was among most powerful ever observed, triggering atmospheric gravity waves that reached edge of space
Collaboration on Scalable Semiconductor Quantum Computer
First European Exascale Supercomputer Coming to Jülich
Interview: Researchers in Zürich and Jülich Achieve Milestone in Quantum Error Correction
Martin Winter is admitted to Academy of Sciences
In balance: Quantum computing needs right combination of order and disorder
Focus on nuclear disarmament
Jülich Researchers Honoured by European Research Council
QSolid – Paving Way for First German Quantum Computer
Can Lasers Speed Up Computers?
Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany: Solidarity with partners in Ukraine
One Million Galaxies Never Seen Before
Alterations in Brain Under Neutron Magnifying Glass
Thermal Writing and Information Storage Demonstrated in Responsive Polymer
Europe’s First Quantum Computer with More Than 5,000 Qubits Launched at Jülich
Oxytocin and Autism: Study on Receptor Variant Provides New Insights into Cellular Origin of Disorder