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Innovative Strategy Battles Fatty Liver Disease
Neuromorphic Computing In Spotlight
HiPoBat Unveils High-Performance Battery Innovation
Drought-Tolerant Maize Relies on Roots, Study Finds
Jülich Unveils 10+ Qubit Quantum Computing System
Night Heat Raises Stroke Risk Significantly
Global Team Solves Quantum Issues with Wavefunction Matching
Global Team Solves Quantum Many-Body Wavefunction Puzzle
GARMI Care Robot Becomes Universal Assistant
Global Team Solves Tough Physics Dilemma
Innovative Method for Antibiotic Creation Unveiled
JUPITER: Europe's Greenest Supercomputer Tops Green500 List
AI Deciphers New Gene Regulatory Code In Plants
Using AI As Exam Tutor
AI Boosts Sustainability in Crop Production
Interview: Roadmap For Digital Neuroscience
Research On Geological Deposits At FRM II
IATA Calls for Increased Data on Contrails' Climate Impact
AI Cracks Plant Gene Code, Accurately Predicts New Genomes
Sleep Deprivation Cognitive Performance Boosted by Creatine
New Insights Lead To Better Next-Gen Solar Cells
Neutron Investigation Unveils Sedimentary Rock Porosity
New AI Foundation Models For Science
Efficient Iron Scavengers
New CRISPR Tool Boosts Innovative Antiviral Defense
New Reactor For Hydrogen Economy Of Future
Understanding Brain In Its Development
EPIQ: Quantum Supercomputer Made In NRW
Astrid Lambrecht Joins National Academy of Sciences
Expansion Of Jülich's Quantum Computer Infrastructure
EBRAINS Germany Established
Innovative Interoperable Platform for Electron Microscopy Unveiled
HI ERN Study Explores Solar Module Recycling Amid PV Boom
Celebrating Two Decades of Neutron Use in Research, Industry, Medicine
Jülich Supercomputers Identify New HIV Therapy Start Point
Consortium Targets Development of Greener Sodium Batteries
Winter Honored with NAATBatt Lifetime Achievement Award
EBRAINS Project Pursues Personalised Mental Health Treatments
Doubly Sustainable Quantum Computers
Revamped Equation for Superconducting Quantum Bits Unveiled
JET Fusion Reactor Sets World Record in Final Tests
AI as Physicist
News on drug-induced skin swelling
LOFAR Radio Telescope Joins European Research Infrastructure Consortium
Jupiter Marks Milestone: New Base for European Exascale Supercomputer
Prof. Mirijam Zobel appointed Director of JCNS-3
Unveiling Mn5Ge3's Magnetic Superpowers with Topological Magnons
CEA, FZJ Intensify Research Cooperation with Contract Extension