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Research reveals link between long-term exposure to air pollution and fatty liver disease
Norwegian authorities have earned public’s trust through openness about their Covid strategy
Million-dollar prize for team developing new vaginal reconstruction biomaterials
Failure to vaccinate world created perfect breeding ground for Omicron, say campaigners
Statement of Tripartite Commission Thirty cases of missing persons from 1990-1991 Gulf War officially closed
Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination closes one hundred and fifth session after adopting concluding observations
Energy Efficiency Hub launched to boost cooperation on world’s ‘first fuel’
Taking line for walk – King’s Artists project explores connection between art and neuroscience
EU’s insistence on expanding Frontex’s powers is disappointing
Iconic Gabrielle Chanel Designs Make Statement At NGV
Statement on Syria Special Envoy Meeting
Key initiatives Australia joined at COP26, Glasgow
Superconductivity meets spintronics
Lab-grown ‘mini-stomachs’ could shed light on COVID symptoms in kids
International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security contributes €5,000 to future OPCW Centre for Chemistry and Technology
Principles for Responsible Banking build new pathway for banks to collectively accelerate action on universal financial inclusion
Cheers to that! Hills’ top drops recognised
Tale of Two Harpies
Delays to various international destinations
FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 kicks goals in Brisbane
Frances Rings appointed artistic director of Bangarra Dance Theatre
Director General Congratulates Fellowship Laureates and France’s Work in Education on Nuclear
More than 200,000 deaths could be annually prevented if countries support more urban cycling by 2050
Scientists Discover Link Between Climate Change and Biological Evolution of Phytoplankton
Researchers discover link between climate change and biological evolution of phytoplankton
UN to Condemn Israel in 3 Resolutions, Erase Jewish Connection to Judaism’s Holiest Site
Land availability and wealth requirements shape family systems and economic structures
More funding for Canberra artists
G7 Enforcers Summit of Competition Authorities discusses competition in digital markets
Complications in pregnancy and birth increase with Covid infection
Prime Minister hosts festive food and drink market at Downing Street to showcase best of British business
Ubiquitous food additive alters human microbiota and intestinal environment
Profile: Business schools focus on health as Covid highlights challenges
Reshaping plastic lifecycle into circle
Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security Bonnie Jenkins Travel to Europe
Asian climate variability and dynamics across early-to-middle pliocene warm period provide clues for future climate change
Male animals are subject to stronger evolutionary pressures than females
Major Sporting Events Report into Soft Power, Trade and Investment Benefits to UK
France needs to invest more in energy efficiency, renewables and nuclear to put itself on track for net zero by 2050, IEA policy
French President, IAEA Director General Discuss Role of Nuclear Energy
Apple announces third annual Apple Music Award winners
Securing Future Of World-Class Training In Prahran
Tech regulation reform to boost economy and lift productivity
UN chief calls for nuclear weapons-free Middle East
Analyzing resistance to antibiotics of Helicobacter pylori infection
Unsung gene is key to how antibodies develop: University of Toronto study
Implementing European Court of Human Rights judgments 30 November
IAEA and Japan Atomic Energy Agency to work together in Decommissioning, Radioactive Waste Management