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Australia’s future depends on science
EpiAxis Therapeutics appoints new chief science officer
Lung cancer patients with genetic variant linked to autoimmune disease may respond better to immunotherapy
Immune cell ‘fingerprint’ could help identify autoimmune disease treatments
An immune ‘fingerprint’ reveals path for better treatment of autoimmune diseases
An immune ‘fingerprint’ finds path for better treatment of autoimmune diseases
RNA map of cell nucleus reveals new insights into gene regulation and cell division
$185 million investment to fast-track treatments for rare and ‘untreatable’ cancers
Single test to screen for over 50 genetic diseases shown to be accurate
Single test for over 50 genetic diseases will cut diagnosis from decades to days
Funding support for early detection of Parkinson’s disease
Amplia says new report ‘paves way’ for its phase 2 trial
DNA sample analysis times dramatically reduced thanks to new file format
Will an Omicron-specific vaccine help control COVID?
Pharmaxis welcomes government research grants for new study collaborations
Common osteoporosis medication boosts immune response in lun
$15 million for innovative health and medical research
Researchers awarded over $23m in NHMRC innovative project grants
Researchers reveal strategy for next-generation Covid vaccines
Researchers reveal strategy for next-generation Covid v
$5 million NHMRC Synergy Grant for Monash University breast and prostate cancer prevention and early detection project
Smart slides help detect cancer
Smart microscope slides detect cancer
Pancreatic cancer ‘priming’ may make chemotherapy more effective
Insights from our genome and epigenome will help prevent, di
Advanced imaging reveals breast cancer’s Achilles’ heel
Proteins of Covid
3D analysis of SARS-CoV-2 reveals clues on virus tactics
3D analysis of Covid finds clues on virus tactics
CHeBA Funding Success to Transform ‘Preventable Dementia’ Research
Breast cancer ‘ecotypes’ present new path to personalised tr
Research finds origins of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Patrys announces preclinical data for PAT-DX1 in pancreatic cancer
Cognitive decline may help predict future fracture risk in w
Glaucoma test ‘best yet’
More than $11m awarded to UNSW medical research projects
Precision medicine becomes more accessible for Australians w
Lung cancer’s resistance to chemotherapy reveals new treatme
12 new research projects funded thanks to Cancer Council supporters
Boosting body heat production: a new approach for treating o
New map reveals genes that control skeleton
Genomics: a health investment trend in 2021
Inflammation a key to targeting pregnancy-associated breast
Cancer DNA blood tests validated by international research team
Secret genetic switch in zebrafish key to heart regeneration
Cancer DNA blood tests validated by international research t
World first discovery uncovers secret switch that could revolutionise heart attack treatment
World-first clinical trial targets immune molecule IL23 as p