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New NUS Research Centre on Sustainable Urban Farming seeks high-tech solutions to boost Singapore’s food security
Dual-plasmid editing system improves DNA digital storage potential
OHSU advancing first-of-its-kind strategy to overcome infertility
Researchers Chart Advances in Ancient DNA Technology
Scientists chart advances in ancient DNA technology
Synthetic tools conduct messages from station to station in DNA
Y chromosome loss causes heart failure and death from cardiovascular disease
Concordia’s David Secko to serve on new panel with Council of Canadian Academies
Lipid nanoparticles carry gene-editing cancer drugs past tumor defenses
New technology protects authenticity of engineered cell lines
Cedars-Sinai investigators ID gene critical to human immune response
Your liver is just under three years old
Discovery offers starting point for better gene-editing tools
Scientists use CRISPR technology to modify starches in potatoes
DAP array casts wide net to fix mutations
How plants colonize base of an active stratovolcano
Two-step adaptive walk in wild
Researcher reveals new insights on link between genetic mutations and biological evolution
Gene-editing improved with chemical process
B.C. researchers launching clinical trial for first genetically engineered stem cell-based therapy for type 1 diabetes
Researcher Uses Genomics and Gene Editing to Help Save Coral Reefs
‘factory reset’ for brain may cure anxiety, drinking behavior
‘factory reset’ for brain cures anxiety, drinking behavior
New technology offers fighting chance against grapevine killer
Lupus-causing gene paves way for new and tailored treatments
New and tailored lupus treatments within reach after scientists discover cause of disease
CRISPR and HIV: New technique in human blood unveils potential paths toward cure
New technique in human blood unveils potential paths toward cure
Scientists identify new targets for immunotherapy in colon cancer
Mutations in Noncoding DNA Protect Brain from ALS
$4 million research program seeks therapy for rare genetic condition ADNP syndrome
Competition among worm sperm speeds up evolution
Using mRNA delivery to improve muscle strength
Gene Editing Gets Safer Thanks to Redesigned Protein
Scientists identify key regulator of malaria parasite spread
Researchers Identify Key Regulator of Malaria Parasite Transmission
CROPSR: new tool to accelerate genetic discoveries
How gene variant protects against Alzheimer’s
Study in mice shows potential for gene-editing to tackle mitochondrial disorders
Research reveals potential for gene-editing to tackle mitochondrial disorders
We’ve decoded numbat genome – and it could bring thylacine’s resurrection a step closer
Genomics Beyond Healthcare future uses and considerations of genomic science
Innovative drug delivery system offers hope for treating genetic diseases
New opportunities for stem cell research: Increasingly efficient production of human pluripotent stem cells
John Innes Centre responds to new legislation for gene editing research in plants
Research ID’s cellular receptors for eastern equine encephalitis virus
Report calls for broad public deliberation on releasing gene-edited species in wild
Covid and beyond