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Long-Term Study Finds Dozens of New Genetic Markers Associated with Lifetime Bone Growth
Clinical criteria for diagnosing autism inadequate for people with genetic conditions, research suggests
Genomic assessment of cancer-predisposition landscape of pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma
Researcher to test value of tailored gene testing
Native American ancestry associated with increased mutations
Liver cancer ten times more likely in men with common genetic disorder haemochromatosis
Pediatric Neurologist from CHOP, Penn Medicine Receives Hartwell Individual Biomedical Research Award
BICRA gene provides answers to patients, doctors and scientists
Team finds way to protect genetic privacy in research
Genetic testing: Employee perk or privacy hazard?
Study finds 1 in 8 patients with cancer harbor inherited genetic mutations
Genetic Testing Leads to ‘Awakening’ for Developmentally Delayed, ‘Nearly Catatonic’ Teen
Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Reveals Rare Disorder
Researcher examines genetic role in addiction
DNA Test Identifies Genetic Causes of Severe Fetal and Newborn Illness
Four at UW Medicine earn High-Risk, High-Reward awards
Genetic test identifies patients with invasive lobular breast cancer at high risk of disease recurrence
Concealed cardiomyopathies revealed in cardiac arrest survivors
Hope in sight for inherited retinal diseases
Multidisciplinary Approaches to Solving Cold Cases Highlighted in Preview Issue of Forensic Genomics
Three genes predict success of naltrexone in alcohol dependence treatment
Genetic testing crucial for children with ASD
First of its kind medicine harnesses DNA profile to target cancer
Almost one in 20 babies in Australia born through IVF
Secretary Pompeo At a Press Availability 3 September
AMA updates its policy on genetics
Updated policy on genetic testing and genomics in medicine
Corvallis sewer surveillance: Novel coronavirus still present but trending downward
Largest pharmacogenetic clinical trial in cardiology shows potential benefit in individualized approach
Should we sequence newborns’ DNA? answer is complicated, study finds
Dana-Farber launches new Center for prevention and treatment of BRCA-related cancers
Simpler COVID-19 test could provide results in hours from saliva
Science stimulates rare tree surge
Roll-out of 2 new rapid coronavirus tests ahead of winter
Breaks in genome
Genetic testing could improve screening for osteoporosis
Broadening cancer gene testing is cost effective and could prevent millions more cancer cases worldwide
Rare Mutation of TP53 Gene Leaves People at Higher Risk for Multiple Cancers
Commercially fished shark species declared critically endangered
Putting genomics into practice to combat common diseases
Study: Breast cancer found earlier in states with expanded Medicaid
RACGP offers new training for GPs on deadly rare hereditary disease
Ultra-rapid testing a game changer for children in intensive care
Home DNA test data to boost Covid-19 fight
Blood test to monitor cancer up to ten times more sensitive than current methods
Aspirin reduces long-term colorectal cancer risk in genetically predisposed individuals
Planning future forests
Studies of Brain Activity Aren’t as Useful as Scientists Thought