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Putting genomics into practice to combat common diseases
Study: Breast cancer found earlier in states with expanded Medicaid
RACGP offers new training for GPs on deadly rare hereditary disease
Ultra-rapid testing a game changer for children in intensive care
Home DNA test data to boost Covid-19 fight
Blood test to monitor cancer up to ten times more sensitive than current methods
Aspirin reduces long-term colorectal cancer risk in genetically predisposed individuals
Planning future forests
Studies of Brain Activity Aren’t as Useful as Scientists Thought
Research finds new genes contributing to severe childhood obesity
Dana-Farber researchers present key studies at ASCO annual meeting
At-home screening for ovarian, breast cancers is effective
Genetic database provides rare disease clues and Parkinson’s hope
Gene sequencing guides girl’s life-changing arthritis treatm
U.S. Air Force Genetics Laboratory, DHA collaborate to further sequence SARS-CoV-2 code
Over $33 million to boost genomics research into cancers and to combat children’s diseases
Researchers link gene mutation to autism behaviors
Researcher unlocks dolphins’ risky feeding habits
Breeding a hardier, more nutritious wheat
Inherited mutation can predispose children to a type of brain tumor
Politics, public trust drive differing responses to coronavirus
BU Infectious Disease Experts On What We’ve Learned About Coronavirus
Genetic variants place Asians at higher risk of side effects to common medications
Earlier access to genomic tests key to diagnosing rare diseases in kids & teens
HeartCare study tests genetic risk of cardiovascular disease
Bovine embryo completely regenerates placenta-forming cells
Dana-Farber opens new facility in Merrimack Valley
Evenings with Genetics discusses autism, genetic testing
Researchers to study liquid biopsy test for cancer
Study will offer genetic cancer tests at primary-care level
IVF birth rates improving, multiple birth rate at a record low
Numbers count in genetics of moles and melanomas
Simpler name for cancer genetic syndrome could save lives