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Breast cancer care disparities persist, surgeons can drive change
New Autoinflammatory Disease Discovered, Potential Treatment Target Identified
NIH Discovers New Autoinflammatory Disease, Identifies Treatment Target
Genetic Tests Discover Heart Disease Genes
Miscarriage Delays Embryos’ Development
Surgeons Create Nose for Patients with Rare Syndrome
Preventing cancer relapse with genetic test
Deadly Risk for Cats: Common Heartworm, Antiparasitic Meds
Lynch Syndrome Awareness Day: Cancer Risk Soars with Common Genetic Condition
Gene Variants Persist 700K Yrs in Humans: Immune & Metabolic Effects
Gene Variants Linked To Infertility, Heart, Cancer in Women
MS/PML Experts: Genetic Test Prevents Fatal Brain Infection
Australia’s False Killer Whales Linked to Endangered Groups in Hawaii
Genes Link Australia’s False Killer Whales to Endangered Hawaii Groups
Genetic Testing Reveals False Killer Whales Widely Spread in N. Australia
Radiology: Key Member of HI Team
Idaho Student Homicides and Forensic Genetics
Blood Test Predicts Leukemia Relapse Post-Transplant
Research Uncovers Limits in Assessing Gene Editing in Embryos
Faster genetic tests give hope to ovarian cancer patients
Research backs genetic testing for cerebral palsy
Gene Testing Limited to Predict Disease: UCL Study
Obstacles for breast cancer prevention in high-risk Black women
Black Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer Face Barriers to Prevention
Screening Tool Assesses Cognition in Elderly: Cleveland Clinic
Feature: Why rare diseases are key for scientific discovery
Mass Gen Team Identifies Rare Disorder Mutation in Non-Coding Gene
Big impact of rare disease research
Cancer Risk High for Women over 50 with BRCA1/2 Mutations
Humans’ Genes Linked to Metabolic, Immune Conditions for 700K Years
Survey: US Public Support Polygenic Embryo Selection Tech
Team Led by BGI Genomics Creates CardioGen for Diagnosing Cardiovascular Diseases
Genomics-Based Diagnosis Aids Targeted Treatment of Myeloid Neoplasms
9 common questions about genetic testing for cancer
Genetic healthcare and counselling
Coffee & Kidney Disease Link May Depend on Genetics: Study
Risk of Sarcomas Linked to Mitotic and Telomere Defects
Genetic diagnosis helps guide care of childhood hearing loss
Mental Disorder Diagnoses May Impact Antipsychotic Clinical Studies
Integrating Precision Medicine into Child Thyroid Cancer Care
Early Detection of Malignancy in NF1 Patients Possible
Simple nasal swab can provide early warning of emerging viruses
30 Years On, Are We Winning Fight Against Alzheimer’s?
Head Trauma, PTSD Linked to Higher Alzheimer’s Risk
BC Cancer team creates better hereditary cancer screening tool
Harnessing AI technology for IVF embryo selection
Genome sequencing reveals underdiagnosed cause of long-term lung condition
AI Used to Select Embryos in IVF Process