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Insurance isn’t enough for women at high risk of breast cancer
Fast-growing Edmonton startup helps get new drugs to market sooner
Oxford University and Prenetics announce landmark collaboration to scale rapid testing tech globally
Study Helps Unravel Why Young, Pregnant Women Develop Heart Failure Similar to That of Older Patients
Mayo study finds colon cancer driven by hereditary gene mutations in 1 in 6 patients
Statement on seventh meeting of International Health Regulations Emergency Committee regarding coronavirus disease pandemic
UN Disability Rights Committee issues findings on Estonia and calls for people with disabilities’ inclusion
Researchers develop 99.9% accurate genetic test for early detection of Palmer Amaranth
New ‘sweat sticker’ improves cystic fibrosis diagnosis, accessibility
New statistical method eases data reproducibility crisis
Genes associated with increased risk of cervical cancer identified
Should you take fish oil? Depends on your genotype
Gene that affects iron metabolism linked to improved performance in athletes, University of Toronto study finds
Early training delays symptom onset in mouse model of Rett syndrome
Researchers Find Supplement Prevents Strokes in Patients with Rare Genetic Disorder
Lynch Syndrome: Know your risk for susceptibility to cancer
Genetic testing proves beneficial in prescribing effective blood thinners
Progress with blood cancer diagnosis
Scientists bring polygenic risk scores closer to clinical use
Research breakthrough for high-risk blood cancer patients
Genetic study uncovers hidden pieces of eye disease puzzle
Researchers develop test to measure effect of breast cancer gene variants
Researchers launch program to diagnose genetic diseases in children
Increasing ovarian cancer care and support
New study suggests genetic testing could be appropriate for all motor neurone disease patients
Invention Runs Deep at UConn
Reading between lines of genome
Dementia rates higher in men with common genetic disorder haemochromatosis
Dementia Rates Higher in Men with Common Genetic Disorder
Unusual mutation causes defective sperm in boars
Research survey seeks views on gene therapy
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute opens new state-of-the-art location in Chestnut Hill
Evenings with Genetics: at-home genetic testing?
Study findings improve accuracy of breast cancer risk estimates for women with no family history
Mutations Commonly Linked to Breast Cancer Found to Pose No Increased Risk, Population Study Reveals
Long-Term Study Finds Dozens of New Genetic Markers Associated with Lifetime Bone Growth
Clinical criteria for diagnosing autism inadequate for people with genetic conditions, research suggests
Genomic assessment of cancer-predisposition landscape of pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma
Researcher to test value of tailored gene testing
Native American ancestry associated with increased mutations
Liver cancer ten times more likely in men with common genetic disorder haemochromatosis
Pediatric Neurologist from CHOP, Penn Medicine Receives Hartwell Individual Biomedical Research Award
BICRA gene provides answers to patients, doctors and scientists
Team finds way to protect genetic privacy in research
Genetic testing: Employee perk or privacy hazard?
Study finds 1 in 8 patients with cancer harbor inherited genetic mutations
Genetic Testing Leads to ‘Awakening’ for Developmentally Delayed, ‘Nearly Catatonic’ Teen
Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Reveals Rare Disorder