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Genetic test can diagnose certain immune system disorders
New project to help Northern Quolls in Far North Queensland
Screening Program Could Identify 1 Million Americans with Genetic Heart Disease
Health screening, genetic tests might identify people at risk of premature heart disease
First Mutation-Targeted Bladder Cancer Drug May Be Under-Used
American College of Medical Genetics and genomics publishes clinical practice resource on hearing loss
Following cancer’s status updates: University of Melbourne
More support for new and aspiring mums and dads
MARPLE diagnostics reaches South Asia
Understanding female IRD carriers
Understanding experience of female IRD carriers
Two-thirds of women with anxiety & depression at breaking point
Recurrent noninvasive breast tumors may not always be related to primary lesion
Scientists identify how multiple genes impact vision development and lead to rare sight disorder
Recommendations on genetic testing for inherited cardiac diseases published today
NHS Develops World-First Bedside Genetic Test To Prevent Babies Going Deaf
$600,000 funding boost for prostate cancer research
Karen Lu honored by AACR for contributions to cancer research
Genetic Testing for Parkinson’s Disease: What You Need to Know
Community health research program offering insight about genetic health risk expands across state
Pharmacogenetic testing reveals promise improving symptoms in patients with treatment-resistant depression
Record funding to support 800,000 women with endo and new genetic tests available
Key milestone for precision medicine research program
Understated ethics, unclear utility
Understated ethics, unclear utility
Saliva testing for Covid quicker, safer than nasal swabs
New and improved cherry flavor courtesy of petunia flower
Targeted drug improves survival in early-stage breast cancer
First UK pilot study of newborn screening for spinal muscular atrophy launched in Oxford
New responsible data sharing technique will enable better understanding of disease-causing genetic variants
Answers for families as researchers identify new rare genetic mutation
Single test for over 50 genetic diseases will cut diagnosis from decades to days
Could community-based approach to genetic testing help African Americans reduce risks of chronic kidney disease
Colorectal cancer research reveals promising targetable pathway for prevention and treatment
Family secrets exposed: genetic testing reveals unknown relatives
Paper by King’s researchers makes Readers’ Choice List 2021
Mouse study may help doctors choose treatments for leukemia patients
MRI may lower breast cancer death from variants in 3 genes
MRI may lower breast cancer deaths from variants in 3 genes
New study identifies genes most likely to lead to heart attacks
Research finds genes most likely to lead to heart attacks
Researchers win Medical Research Foundation’s Changing Policy and Practice Award
DNA testing exposes tactics of international criminal networks trafficking elephant ivory
Germline Testing
Forensic Genomics Announces Partnership with International Symposium on Human Identification
Next-gen testing opens way to beating kidney disease
PAX5 gene associated with novel neurodevelopmental disorder
Study uncovers genetic causes in up to one quarter of patients