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Genome of Alexander Fleming’s original penicillin-producing mould sequenced
Towards immunotherapies with fewer side effects
Multidisciplinary Approaches to Solving Cold Cases Highlighted in Preview Issue of Forensic Genomics
Researcher awarded prestigious cardiology prize for MRI discovery
£600k Machine Learning collaboration to supercharge data-driven science
UConn Addresses Misconceptions, Questions About COVID-19 Dashboard and Data
First genetic sequencing of COVID in Quebec shows roots of outbreak
Soluble ligands as drug targets
Scientists explain how diverse species coexist in microbial communities
$12.5m enables new research approach to Parkinson’s
NIH funds research into differences in glioblastoma between males and females
Parkinson’s trigger in focus for new international research
Dropping in: How Street-Corner Organelles Come Together
New Genetic Analysis Method Could Advance Personal Genomics
Baylor receives NIH funding for center to model rare genetic diseases
Using a Wrench to Hammer Nails
Long live queen: UBC scientists find clues to queen bee failure
New Zealand First renews commitment to Telford
District 3 opens state-of-the-art BioHub accelerator at Concordia
District 3 opens Quebec’s first state-of-the-art biotech accelerator on Concordia’s Loyola Campus
An organoid cell atlas to enhance biomedical research
Study tracks human milk nutrients in infant microbiome
AMA updates its policy on genetics
Updated policy on genetic testing and genomics in medicine
Genetic Causes of Severe Childhood Brain Disorders Found Using New Computational Methods
SARS-CoV-2 viruses in wastewater: monitoring COVID-19 and estimating potential transmission risk
Genome Hackers camp adapts to pandemic
Genome Hacker camp adapts to pandemic
Dr Mary Kavurma awarded ACvA Research Catalyst Grant
New clues to a 500-year old mystery about human heart
Predicting how gene expression varies
Breast cancer ‘ecosystem’ reveals possible new targets for t
UConn and JAX Combine to Form Genomics Powerhouse
Grant will fund study into COVID outcome disparities in NYC
Researchers target immune system to treat rare cancer
Blood test could predict who will benefit from immunotherapy, researchers find
UW Leads Research That Finds Mountain Stoneflies Can Tolerate Warming of Streams
Algorithm Created By “Deep Learning” Identifies Potential Therapeutic Targets Throughout Genome
Bridging artificial intelligence and life sciences – launch of ELLIS Heidelberg
Interpreting Human Genome’s Instruction Manual
Curious genome of tuatara, an ancient reptile in peril
Baylor genomics teams partner to provide COVID-19 testing for Houston area
Genomes run deep in whakapapa
‘Longshot Lenny’ Finds Hope at UConn Health: ‘I Didn’t Want to Die’
RNA biology provides key to cell identity and health
Tenured engineers of 2020
“Jellyfish have remarkable innnovations that allow them to actively hunt in water column.”
UBC scientists sequencing genomes of Canadians with COVID-19