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New genes associated with familial Meniere’s disease-a disorder of inner ear that causes dizziness and tinnitus-are identified
Scientists outline in Science how brain research makes new demands on supercomputing
Daughter’s rare disorder makes supporting TGen on giving Tuesday an obvious choice for her mom
Scientists May Need to Rethink How Genomics Impacts Risk for OCD
Should all babies have their genome sequenced at birth?
What good iBeer: New yeast biodiversity for brewing
Core Facility Showcase Video Premieres During UNC Research Week
Polygenic scores go beyond risk prediction to identify causes of disease
Scanning single protein, one amino acid at time: embargoed until 4 November 2021 at 19
TGen case study documents first reported US transmission of COVID from pet owner to pets
Genomic sequencing to strengthen biodiversity
Identification of genes that cause resistance to treatment of pathogenic fungus Candida
Biometrics and Forensics Ethics Group appoints three new members
Map of mouse brain metabolism in aging
WHO establishes new scientific group to study COVID origins, prevent future pandemics
Mayo Clinic collaborates with Personalis Inc. to expand cancer genomic testing
Sequencing Unknown Made Easy: MetaPlatanus Improves Metagenome Assembly
Mapping Millions of Cells in Mouse Brain
Adding ErbB tyrosine kinase inhibitor to KRAS inhibitor may help circumvent lung cancer resistance to prior therapies
Awards & Accolades 7 October
Genetic risks for depression differ between East Asian and European groups
Bristol retains Strategic Partnership with BBSRC and ranks fourth for bioscience research funding
$90 million to help Australians live longer and healthier lives 30 September
Future of Forests – join event on 6 October
Bat guts become less healthy through diet of ‘fast food’ from banana plantations
Some animal species can survive successfully without sexual reproduction
Research provides useful genetic resource of farm-raised kuruma shrimp
UNC Researchers Awarded $9.25 Million to Study DNA Variance Related to Disease
No genetic link between male pattern baldness and Covid severity
Functional genomics can help molecular breeding of maize
Gene that controls severity of colon cancer
New open-access resource counters misinformation on genomics studies of human behavior
Researchers Report Complete Chloroplast Genome of Acanthochlamys bracteata and Xerophyta
Researchers Find New Genetic Markers for Rarer Form of Type 1 Diabetes
Faulty regulation of an architect gene can lead to rare bone disease
Increasing accuracy of mosquito vector surveillance
Humble pond plant duckweed may help researchers to develop better crops
NIH scientists develop faster Covid test
Scientists develop faster Covid test
Researcher Probes How Testosterone Works in Brain
Pancreatic beta-cell boost facilitates future diabetes treatments
Only one human fat cell subtype responds to insulin stimulation
Protein complex SMC ensures dynamics of holocentromeres
Veterinarians recruiting dogs to help develop life-saving test
Study confirms effectiveness of new personalized approach for radiation therapy
Basic research involving embryos provides solid basis for developing better infertility treatments
No, Covid does not enter our DNA
Covid Immunity Varies Among Genders and Age Groups