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Stone Age bear genome reconstructed from DNA in Mexican cave
Ingenious mechanism for sucrose metabolism in lepidopteran insects
Inflammation a key to targeting pregnancy-associated breast
Ludwig Cancer Research scientists to present advances in immunotherapy, cancer metabolism
Genome sequencing reveals a new species of bumblebee
2 UH cancer epidemiology studies highlighted nationally
Researchers Provide Complete Clinical Landscape for Major Gene Linked to Epilepsy and Autism
New method for genome assembly in barley provides excellent results
A new genomic tool for wheat rust researchers worldwide
Biographer Walter Isaacson on CRISPR and his new subject, Jennifer Doudna
Belly fat resistant to every-other-day fasting: study
RNA analysis unravels cues for feline fertility and brings hope for endangered wild cats
New global data platform facilitates researchers across world in linking genetic and metabolic data
Roadmap and Implementation Plan webinars
BHC Nicosia DynamicUK series scientific response of UK and FCDO to COVID-19
Unconventional Computing: Applications, Hardware, Algorithms
We’re more like primitive fishes than once believed
$1.2 million to find new treatment for rare cancer
New study offers insight into COVID-19 immunity
Trial targets metastatic prostate cancer by switching order of treatments
Rapid COVID-19 antibody test can check immune response
Imperial leads new consortium to study threats from new SARS-CoV-2 variants
Geneticist’s research predicts and improves animal health and performance
Cancer Microbiome Reveals Which Bacteria Live in Tumors
Two Berkeley Lab Scientists Honored with Lawrence Award
St. Jude researchers develop tool to ‘paint’ cancer genome and reveal tumor secrets
Asymptomatic screening and genome sequencing help Cambridge understand spread of SARS-CoV-2 among its students
COVID-19 transmission chains in UK traced back to Spain, France and Italy
New strategy to accelerate diagnosis and improve treatment of rare diseases
COVID-19 genome sequencing project gets major upgrade
Advances in research on most general type of stem cells
Long-Term Study Finds Dozens of New Genetic Markers Associated with Lifetime Bone Growth
‘Junk DNA’ plays a key role in regulating our circadian clocks
Microbiome’s role in human health and disease treatment
Clinical criteria for diagnosing autism inadequate for people with genetic conditions, research suggests
Brain gene expression patterns predict behavior of individual honey bees
Consultation on Mission Roadmaps and Implementation Plans
Team wins grant to study ‘trained immunity’ with Japanese researchers
Evolution of a killer: How African Salmonella made leap from gut to bloodstream
Canada suspends flights from United Kingdom for 72 hours
Tissue Bank boost for brain cancer researchers
Tree genomics program sequences 300 macadamia varieties to improve productivity and profitability for growers 17 December
Tree genomics program sequences 300 macadamia varieties to improve productivity and profitability for growers
Cataloging Nature’s Hidden Arsenal: Viruses that Infect Bacteria 11 December
Study finds large-scale expansion of stem rust resistance gene in barley and oat
Scientists closer to understanding genetic diseases
Cataloging Nature’s Hidden Arsenal: Viruses that Infect Bacteria
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