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Two-dimensional material heterojunctions hetero-integration
Versatile, flexible, and economical sensors
Light field-fast computing
Phase 2 referral of proposed acquisition of Perpetuus Group by Shanghai Kington Technologies and others
Vanderbilt Institute of Nanoscale Science and Engineering expands community outreach with inaugural Friends and Family Day
New Mode of Materials Growth, “Spiral Growth Graphene” Has Been Discovered
New Strategy for Active Metasurface Design Provides Full 360° Phase Tunable Metasurface
Researchers Propose New Strategy to Boost Pseudocapacitive Performance of Micro-supercapacitors
Glimpse inside graphene sandwich
Disposable masks could be used to improve concrete
Measuring ‘wettability’ of graphene and other 2D materials
Physics of singing saw
Guiding superconducting future with graphene quantum magic
Bacterial soundtracks revealed by graphene membrane
Graphene gets enhanced by flashing
Engineering quantum states in solids using light
Stabilizing emulsion research improves firefighting operations and more
Don’t underestimate undulating graphene
Quenching by laser increases graphene quality
Pioneering graphene partnership sets standard
Physicists find direct evidence of strong electron correlation in 2D material for first time
Development of world’s first distortion-free stretchable micro-LED meta-display technology
Sieve for molecules
Controlling how fast graphene cools down
Topological Magnetism Turns Elementary
NGI uses twist to engineer 2D semiconductors with built-in memory functions
Charge-density-wave induces electronic nematicity in Kagome superconductor
Inorganic Borophene Liquid Crystals: Superior New Material for Optoelectronic Devices
Scientists achieve new clarity in visualizing quantum realm
Nano-engineered sealer leads to more durable concrete
Graphene and an intense laser open door to extreme
Researchers create molecule that can pave way for mini-transistors
Nanotube films open up new prospects for electronics
Iris implants made of smart materials
Columns designed from nanographenes
Nature’s colors can replace toxic pigments
An insulin patch that sticks inside person’s cheek
2D material in three dimensions
Co-led study finds topology at corner of dining table
Cosmic physics mimicked on table-top as graphene enables Schwinger effect
Eco-friendly micro-supercapacitors using fallen leaves?
Scientists Enhance Energy Storage Capacity of Graphene Supercapacitors via Solar Heating
Eco-Friendly Micro-Supercapacitors Using Fallen Leaves
Rusting iron can be its own worst enemy
Impossible material made possible inside graphene sandwich
Tuning bonds of paired quantum particles creates dissipationless flow
Tuning bonds of paired quantum particles to create dissipationless flow
Public’s view on using graphene to treat cancer sought