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Reversible fusion and fission of GO-based fibers
NIST team probes indestructible quantum states that may aid quantum computing
Printable circuits bring low-cost and high-performance wearables a step closer
New atomically precise graphene nanoribbon heterojunction sensor developed
Biomimetics: Research explores potential of graphene oxide
Novel Nanoreactor Boosts Performance of Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Stabiliser residue in inks inhibits conductivity in 3D printed electronics
A material-keyboard made of graphene
Flexible, easy-to-scale nanoribbons move graphene toward use in tech applications
Understanding Graphene Growth on Insulating Substrates
Identification of wettability of graphene layers at molecular level
Structure Regulation Improves Performance of Polyamide Composite Membranes
Physicists map new route to control sound in thin films
Following atoms in real time could lead to better materials design
New Study Introduces Ultraflat Sub-10 Nanometer Gap Electrodes for Two-Dimensional Optoelectronic Devices
This Ultrathin Sensor Could Save Your Lungs – and Climate
Graphene foam ‘doubles longevity’ of new running shoe
Most Flexible 2D Material Ever Found Discovered at UT Austin
Most Flexible 2D Material Discovered at UT Austin
Materials – Quantum building blocks
3D-printing perovskites on graphene makes next-gen X-ray detectors
An mRNA vaccine for cancer immunotherapy
Graphene “nano-origami” creates tiniest microchips yet
Vibrating 2D Materials
‘Magnetic graphene’ forms a new kind of magnetism
Physicists create tunable superconductivity in twisted graphene “nanosandwich”
Super solution in hybrid capacitor development
UTA aims to build a better microchip
Thick lithosphere casts doubt on plate tectonics in Venus’s recent past
Highly functional membrane developed for producing freshwater from seawater
Researchers develop new graphene nanochannel water filters
Scientists awarded a Guinness World Record for ‘Finest Woven Fabric’
New directions in energy storage
Staying Ahead of Curve with 3D Curved Graphene
Researchers apply nanoscale graphene ‘magic’ angle to acoustics
Manchester group discovers ‘radically different’ physics in graphene superlattices
Carbyne – an unusual form of carbon
Tips for making nanographene
Scientists find a way to quickly test rust on graphene-protected cars, planes, ships
Why hype about graphene? 14 October
An Innovative Pattern: Scientists Rewrite Rules for 2D Electronics
Superconductivity with a twist explained
Physicists “trick” photons into behaving like electrons using a “synthetic” magnetic field
Coffee stains inspire new printing technique
A new path for electron optics in solid-state systems
Enhancing Performance of PSCs with ‘Graphene Armor’
Graphene’s potential to improve magnetic measurements for accelerators