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Graphene Seen Growing for First Time
MIT Physicists Find Recipe for Exotic Phenomena
Graphene Sensors ID Molecule in Billion: ML Approach
Researchers Create Graphene/Silicon Catalyst for Selective CO2 to Ethanol Conversion
Penn State Team Wins NSF I-Corps Grant
Chemists Uncover New Carbon: Graphullerene, Graphene’s Relative
Nanorippled graphene becomes catalyst
Microscopy Achieves Highest 3D Resolution
New Techniques for Nanometer 3D Super-Resolution Microscopy
Vat Photopolymerisation for 3D Printing in Dentistry
Promising Graphene Quantum Dots as Magnetic Field Sensors
Magnetic Induction Heating Synthesizes Co/C Nanocomposites for Oxygen Evolution
Quantum Twisting Microscope: New Lens on Quantum Materials
Smooth sailing for electrons in graphene
Memristive System Extended for Tunable Photoresponse
Quantum Geometry Boosts Superconductivity: New Twist Discovered
Discovering magic in superconductivity’s ‘magic angle’
Superconductivity’s ‘Magic Angle’ Revealed: Scientific Eureka
Tiny, Stable Tactile Sensors Developed to be Attached to Body
Van der Waals Heterostructure Demonstrates Gate-Tunable Nanoscale Negative Refraction
Ultrafine Graphene Patterns Created with Ultrafast Laser Scribing
Scientists Create Graphene Particles to Purify Water Efficiently
ERC Consolidator Grant to research on superconductivity
Scientists Observe “Quasiparticles” in Classical Systems for First Time
Study: Superconductivity switches on and off in “magic-angle” graphene
Research Shows Graphene Can Switch Superconductivity On/Off
Developing Better Rechargeable Aluminum Batteries
Scientists Spot Quasiparticles in Classical Systems
Physicists Uncover Secret of 2D Quasicrystal Formation from Metal Oxides
Last Mysteries of Mica Revealed
Manchester-India relationship continues to gather momentum
Researchers cook up new way to remove microplastics from water
Nano Materials Enable Low-Cost, Efficient Memory Storage
High Efficiency Nanofiltration Membrane Aids Acidic Wastewater Treatment
Chemists cook up brand-new kind of nanomaterial
Novel Crystalline Carbons Made from Electron Injection
Electrons Craft Novel Crystalline Carbons
Milestone for light-driven electronics
Graphene Switches Make Electronics Smaller, More Efficient
Humidity may be key to super-lubricity ‘switch’
2D MoTe₂ Layers Enable Broadband IR Detector with High Sensitivity
Optomechanics simulates graphene lattices
Combination of two materials creates high-performance, stretchy nanogenerator
2D superatomic molecular theory unifies aromaticity rule for π-conjugated systems
Towards stable aqueous Zn-ion batteries
Researchers Reveal Effects of Defects on Electron Emission Property of Graphene Electrodes
Nobel Prize lecture 2022 Special lecture by Dr. Prof. Konstantin Novoselov for students
Growing pure nanotubes is stretch, but possible