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COVID-19 Impact: State-by-State Analysis Reveals Variations in Health, Education and Economy
Research Changes What We Know About Australian Volcano Hotspots
Ground Beetles: Climate Change Winner or Loser?
Mystery Solved: Unexplained Orbit of ‘Oumuamua Comet Revealed
White House: GOP Plans to Gut Medicaid, ACA Devastating to States
Water Fleas Adapt to Sunscreen Ingredients: Study
Non-native plants climbing Australian Alps
‘Oumuamua: Unexpectedly Simple Explanation for Odd Orbit
Bob Metcalfe ’68 wins $1 million Turing Award
Biden Addresses White House Conservation Summit
Lord Howe Island Closes to Visitors Due to Myrtle Rust Disease
US Defense Secretary Meets on Red Hill Closure Plan, Health Response
Research Offers Detailed Look at Oxygen Loss on Coral Reefs
Australia’s False Killer Whales Linked to Endangered Groups in Hawaii
Genes Link Australia’s False Killer Whales to Endangered Hawaii Groups
QUT rock stars solve long-standing diamond conundrum
Genetic Testing Reveals False Killer Whales Widely Spread in N. Australia
Flag Officer Announcement 16 March
New Research: Spotting Bots Not Always Easy
DoD Unveils FY 2024 Defense Budget Request
NAVFAC Pacific awards $2.8B task order for Pearl Harbor dry dock replacement
Biden Boosts Clean Industry & Cuts Emissions
Heart Medications to be More Affordable for Medicare Beneficiaries: Study
50 Teaching Garden grants awarded to support nutrition education
50 Subvenciones para Educación Nutricional de Teaching Garden
White House: Biden Taps Su for Labor Secretary Praise
White House: US-Japan-SKorea Tril. Economic Security Dialogue
FSU Researchers Unravel Mystery of Ancient Magma Solidification
Fed Appoints 4 to Community Advisory Council
SecAF Kendall Visits Maui Space Surveillance Complex Post Fuel Spill
Radioactive Waste Stored in Minerals for Long-Term Storage
Hawaiʻi young adults rely on social media for Covid, health info
Flag Officer Announcements 18 February
White House Press Briefing, Feb 16, 2023
White House Advances Racial Equity, Supports Underserved Communities
Scientists Find Link Between Black Holes and Dark Energy
Whales at Risk: Deep Sea Mining Deadline Looms
White House: Aiding AA, NHPI After Mass Violence
President Biden’s State of Union Addr. Praised by Constituents
University of Canterbury and Ngai Tuahuriri Celebrate Partnership with Whale Bone Gift
Boosting Diversity in Medical Residencies
Footprints of galactic immigration uncovered in Andromeda galaxy
New viruses infecting hibiscus plants on Oʻahu
Shark Bites Reach 10-Year Low, Hotspots See Spike
Research Investigates Timing of Glacier Advances in Northern Antarctic
Black Holes Twinkle Revealed in 5,000 Study
PACAF Airmen Share Info in Philippines
Research Examines Improving URiM Medical Faculty Retention