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New report shows almost £30bn health cost of England’s most deprived communities
Free rapid antigen tests makes economic sense for governments, our analysis shows
Artificial intelligence improves outcomes for depression treatments
Early heat warning system to help save lives in changing climate
Artificial intelligence helps improve outcomes for depression treatment
Youth mental health multi-million-dollar burden on Australian families
College students in declining mental, physical health one year into Covid
Assistance dogs significantly improve lives of people living with hearing loss
Research on over million people reveals breakthrough Covid infections occur more often and are more severe
Awards & Accolades 17 November
Faster and better treatment for Parkinson’s disease with Manage PD tool
Clinician peer networks remove race and gender bias
Research finds racial, ethnic disparities in use of increasingly popular prostate cancer test
Showcasing faces behind antimicrobial resistance research
New commentary paper highlights costs of defects in surgical care and calls for elimination of defects in value
What is short-term impact of sugary drinks in classroom?
HKUMed uses ancestral sequence reconstruction to reveal evolutionary adaptations that enable avian influenza viruses to transmit
Close to home: Identifying links between gaming venues and financial hardship
Doctors should stop relying on ‘mental shortcuts’ when deciding patient care
Landmark study links post-natal depression and low income
Penn Medicine Researchers Awarded $14 Million to Launch Suicide Prevention Implementation Research Center
Understanding relationship between ADHD and entrepreneurialism
Innovation environment to improve antibiotic therapy
1 in 7 avoid ED in early pandemic
New course on Rabies & One Health launched on OpenWHO
Search for humanity in healthcare leadership
Three in four British adults want cancer screening: new attitudes survey
Even better than real thing: Simulated, anonymized data could be key to health-care innovations
More inpatient nurses linked to low mortality, better outcomes
PALY ally: Calculating cost-effectiveness of healthcare
Testing and treating newborns for spinal muscular atrophy: saving lives and healthcare costs
Reduction of armed conflict in Colombia led to better pregnancy outcomes, study suggests
HKUMed researchers reveal benefits of Tai Chi in reducing central obesity
Paging Dr Siri: Artificial Intelligences potential in fight against rare diseases
Self-testing will be critical part of reaching HIV elimination targets
City-Funded Housing Repairs in Low-Income Neighborhoods Associated with Drop in Crime
York joins largest clinical trial to date that aims to develop and evaluate integrated care for long COVID
New clinical trial aims to improve diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of long COVID
Researchers examine economic burden of bowel cancer
Electroconvulsive therapy linked to longer hospital stays, increased costs
Legalized Marijuana Linked to Decline in Opioid Emergencies
Medical Journal Articles Written by Women Are Cited Less Than Those Written by Men
Imperial contributes to new report by President Macron’s economic Commission
New analysis reveals link between birthdays and COVID-19 spread during height of pandemic
Study: Higher COVID-19 Mortality Among Black Patients Linked to Unequal Hospital Quality
Barbershops play effective role in reducing blood pressure in Black men
Drug rebates for insurers tied to higher costs for patients, especially uninsured
There are problems in aged care, but more competition isn’t solution