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More businesses are offering online medical certificates and telehealth prescriptions
Prioritising animal health issues in Indonesia and beyond
Major financial pain follows major injury
Patients with Alzheimer’s dementia and related disorders who also have delirium incur greater healthcare costs that increase over
Screening for stroke risk can save lives and money
Innovative assessment tools improve quality of life in aged care
Transparency, amnesty may boost reporting of sexual violence
Flint water crisis affected timing of pediatric lead testing but not quantity
Simple nutrition care program improves health and quality of life among aging adults at-risk of malnutrition
Research reveals care from allergist results in lower health care costs for children with peanut allergy
Treatment for back pain: 84 percent increase in success rate
Some GPs just keep their heads above water
Research reveals racial disparities in access to new mammography technology
New contact tracing method for sex partners of people with chlamydia
Bold new income strategy could help tackle mental health crisis among young people
Successful care model with virtual home hospital
Researchers secure funding to study how ‘game-changing’ technology can improve epilepsy treatment and care
Launch of WHO’s first blueprint for dementia research
Jameel Institute announces initiative to increase global pandemic preparedness
Working to decrease health insurance costs could increase companies’ profits, research shows
Researchers to investigate how to provide universal healthcare coverage to people living in absolute poverty 22 September
Predicting and preventing pandemics is goal of new NSF awards
City-based soda pop taxes don’t effectively reduce sugar consumption
Which people are most likely to get vaccinated for Covid?
Researchers to investigate how to provide universal healthcare coverage to people living in absolute poverty
World-first preventative DNA screening for cancer and heart disease risk
Are Costly New Prescription Drugs Worth Price?
Search on for better way to diagnose and treat lung cancer
Recognition for Flinders science communicators
New research investigates effectiveness of perinatal mental health services
New three-year quality initiative aims to eliminate rural health disparities
£2bn cost of mental ill health in North of England
Research is first to confirm lead-in-water causes adverse fetal health outcomes
Research by Dickinson economist examines link between job losses and health of young adults during great recession
Stigma and sexual health – why where you live matters
Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander vaccination rates affected by trust levels
Pharmacy Connect is place to be for industry updates
UHERO report provides comprehensive look at Hawaiʻi Covid impact
Targeting e-Scooter offenders could reverse hospital trends
More funds for aged care won’t make it future-proof
4.7 Million Euro for new University of Oslo-led EU-Project
Adult growth hormone deficiency increases medical costs, risk of additional health conditions
Testing verifies new QOL tool
Top hospitals blatantly violating price-transparency mandate, says Baker Institute report
New study shows benefits of computer-based treatment for depression
EULAR publication on therapeutic drug monitoring in people with rheumatic disease
Labor’s health package won’t ‘strengthen’ Medicare unless it includes these 3 things
Nearly 700,000 US hospitalizations and 110,000 deaths prevented from Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine