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Sugary Drink Tax Boosts Pregnancy Health
Early Rhythm Control in Atrial Fibrillation Care: Is it Cost-Effective?
Cost-effectiveness of Early Rhythm Control in Atrial Fibrillation Care
Poor Kids Face Worse Health, Education: Report
Black women face worst health inequalities in South London
For clues to healthy brain aging, look to Bolivian Amazon
Oxford’s AI Tool Evaluates Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
UCL Academic Heads UK Taskforce on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
UK Government to consider radical new approach to prevent life-threatening cardiovascular disease
York Uni leads REAL Research Unit for Health & Social Care
Newcastle to lead NSW Government’s pharmacy prescribing trial
Smoking Partner May Hinder Quitting Chances: Butt Out
George Institute, CUHK Partner to Advance Health in China
Imperial College to Aid UN in Reducing Global Inequality
California Medi-Cal Patients Reap Benefits of Whole Person Care
Parents: Address Sexual Health with GBQ Male Teens
Quality and safety in hospitals to be assessed in new study
Mapping COVID in classroom
Singapore High Commissioner Visits Imperial for Medical Robotics Viewing
Recreational Cannabis Reduces Codeine Prescription Demand
When recreational cannabis is legal, codeine demand drops
Fed Funding Boosts Job, Biz Growth in Calgary
Health Insurance Drives Medical Advances
UC Davis Health Boosts Eye Care for Diabetics with $2M Program
Research: Smoking, Obesity Raise Severe COVID-19 Risk by 65%-81%
Research Examines Impact of Ending Medicaid Funding for Circumcision
SA Public Hospital System Burdened by Cost of Child Abuse: Study
World-first study reveals true cost of child abuse on South Australia’s public hospital system
Better Prepared Hospitals Fared Better in Pandemic Outcomes
No proven health impact of free primary care from age 85
Horizon scanning – useful for identifying new healthcare services?
Making Well – partnership for health and healing
LSHTM partners in new research group to tackle HIV-associated fungal infections
Joining forces to help life science start-ups
More businesses are offering online medical certificates and telehealth prescriptions
Prioritising animal health issues in Indonesia and beyond
Major financial pain follows major injury
Patients with Alzheimer’s dementia and related disorders who also have delirium incur greater healthcare costs that increase over
Screening for stroke risk can save lives and money
Innovative assessment tools improve quality of life in aged care
Transparency, amnesty may boost reporting of sexual violence
Flint water crisis affected timing of pediatric lead testing but not quantity
Simple nutrition care program improves health and quality of life among aging adults at-risk of malnutrition
Research reveals care from allergist results in lower health care costs for children with peanut allergy
Treatment for back pain: 84 percent increase in success rate
Some GPs just keep their heads above water
Research reveals racial disparities in access to new mammography technology
New contact tracing method for sex partners of people with chlamydia