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Concealed cardiomyopathies revealed in cardiac arrest survivors
Thousands of excess deaths during pandemic peak
New ‘atlas’ of human heart cells first step toward precision treatments for heart disease
Drop in GP diagnosis of common health conditions revealed in Salford from March to May
Researcher awarded prestigious cardiology prize for MRI discovery
Working with Apple, University researchers to test smartwatch’s ability to help prevent heart failure
Yale succeeds with a more inclusive approach to heart transplants
Christchurch cardiac research group wins University’s premier award
Cardiac MRI effective in identifying inflammation of heart muscle in athletes
Ohio State Study Shows Cardiac MRI Effective in Identifying Myocarditis in Athletes
New drug could stop deadly superbug, save tens of thousands of lives
Penn Researchers Solve Decades Old Mitochondrial Mystery that Could Lead to New Disease Treatments
New cardiology study tests a device designed to repair leaky tricuspid valve
Specialist centres hold key to keeping heart attack victims alive, major study shows
Shortage of olmesartan and prazosin tablets
Links between arthritis therapy and heart disease improvements
Sea lion with heart trouble receives CT scan at Oregon State University veterinary hospital
Wearable Device Could Help EMTs, Surgeons Assess Hemorrhage Blood Loss
Age no criterion for decisions on heart attack treatment, new research finds
Gout treatment may aid patients with congenital heart disease
50% drop in patients attending cardiology services during coronavirus lockdown
Using hydroxychloroquine with common antibiotic increases cardiovascular risk
C3-Cloud: digital coordinated care platform of future
Heart muscles sketched by da Vinci play vital role in heart function
Heart muscles identified by da Vinci play vital role in heart function
New clues to a 500-year old mystery about human heart
Ageing heart cells offer clues to susceptibility of older people to severe COVID-19
Gender Parity in Heart Failure Research: More Female Authors Could Mean More Female Participants
UC Davis researchers find a way to help stem cells work for heart
Heart failure, hypertensive deaths rise in Black women and men
Christchurch researchers secure lion’s share of almost $1million in funding
Why you shouldn’t go looking for COVID-19 medicines
UW Medical Center’s care again is ranked No. 1 in state
Women left behind
L-type calcium channel blockers may contribute to heart failure
Study Reveals Increasing Rates of Preventable Hospitalizations Among Older Adults with Dementia
Raised iron levels linked to reduced life expectancy
Tip of Iceberg: Oral-Overall Health Link
Decreased levels of a protein kinase leads to atrial fibrillation
Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients Have Low Risk of Stroke
New diagnostic test for heart failure patients could also help COVID-19 patients
Foundation announces $14.4 million for research
Machining Heart: New Predictor for Helping to Beat Chronic Heart Failure
Blueprint of Oxytocin Receptor Facilitates Development of New Autism Drugs
Thousands missed heart attack treatment during pandemic
Awards & Accolades: June 2020
1.35 million Australians with diabetes take a double hit from COVID-19
Through Nursing Research, Heart Patients Zoom Toward Better Health