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Gender clues unlocked in hormone-related high blood pressure
2021 Golden Shoe winners
Blood pressure variability associated with increased risk of dementia, especially in men
Repairing hearts with deadly spider venom
2000 Canberrans join new walking progam
High blood sugar levels ‘reprogramme’ stem cells
Combo meal deals and price discounts on fast food encourage us to eat more junk
Rare genetic variants confer largest increase in type 2 diabetes risk seen to date
Sydney Swans join with Heart Foundation to give Aussie hearts a sporting chance
Heart Foundation CEO departs
Tips and tricks for staying active NSW
University of Nottingham funds police overtime to tackle antisocial behaviour
Inequalities in overweight obesity
Melton HF walking group heal hearts
Xavier puts his whole heart into Jump Rope
Study identifies heart block cause in athletes
$2 million for heart research
COVID-19 revealed flaws in Australia’s food supply
Footballer cardiac arrest sparks renewed calls for defibrillators at grounds
Weight gain and diabetes threaten progress in reducing heart attacks and strokes
Adelaide uni leaders honoured for health research excellence
No, it’s not just a lack of control that makes Australians overweight
New risk calculator to help save many more lives from heart attack and stroke
Over 1 million people at risk of hunger in Syria if cross-border aid resolution not renewed, say aid groups
How much longer do we need to wait for Australia to implement a sugary drinks tax?
New AI tool invented by NTU, NP and NHCS scientists could speed up diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases
Drug used to reduce blood sugar in diabetic patients can benefit hearts
Iron deficiency anaemia in early pregnancy increases risk of heart defects, suggests new research
New artificial intelligence tool could speed up diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases
Australian heart attack survival among best in world – but could be better
Protein identified as new therapeutic anti-viral target for COVID-19
New data reveals worrying reasons heart attack victims dont call 000
Genetic links to be investigated in ground-breaking heart rhythm research
$8 million for strategic grants research
Advancing early identification and treatment of heart disease
Quicker CVD risk assessment for thousands of GPs
Big Tobacco and National Retail Association receive 2021 Dirty Ashtray Award
Ministers across government urge women to shape women’s health strategy
Vascular ageing: what it is, why it matters Tonic
Smoking during pregnancy associated with child’s risk of having congenital heart disease
Switching off heart protein could protect against heart failure
How rare are blood clots after AstraZeneca vaccine?
Weight-loss treatment prevents accumulation of lipid linked to cardiac mortality
Funding plea for program that could prevent 520 heart attacks a year
Advancing understanding of exercise training and healthy ageing
Calls for action to tackle heart disease in women
Mothers can influence offspring’s height, lifespan and disease risk in unexpected ways – through their mitochondria
Having a healthier heart is associated with better problem-solving and reaction time