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Is it safe for my child to return to play after COVID infection?
Australians With One Of Most Agressive Forms Of Blood Cancer Have New PBS Listed Treatment Option
Athletes warned against potential dangers of natural supplements
How data can help prevent overdiagnosis
Without appropriate technical updates, patients are at risk of inappropriate shocks from their defibrillators
Oral penicillin, not injectable, advised for people with high-risk rheumatic heart disease
Binge Drinking Linked to First Episodes of Heart Rhythm Disorder
Researchers Reduce Breast Cancer Metastasis in Animal Models by Modifying Tumor Electrical Properties
Cardiovascular risks may be worse for thinking, memory skills in middle-aged women
NSW latest warning: High-dose ecstasy circulating in Sydney
Winter wonderland can turn deadly with heart attacks brought on by snow shoveling
Digital silver lining seen in failed Covid drug trial
Safer, newer blood thinners are under-prescribed for elderly and at-risk patients
$10 million invested to study long-term impact of Covid on heart and brain health
First patient-specific zebrafish model for arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy
Use of generic heart meds in Medicare Part D could save more than $600 million year
Sex and race disparities found in management of patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in hospital
Sex and race disparities in management of patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in hospital
Quadruple success for Heart Research Institute
Only Alcohol – Not Caffeine, Diet or Lack of Sleep – Might Trigger Heart Rhythm Condition
Re-setting clock on heart disease
Improving heart safety on Peninsula
UKHSA updates clinical guidance on vaccinations for 12 to 17 year olds
Simple surgical technique linked to significant reduction in risk of atrial fibrillation after cardiac surgery
Atrial fibrillation and death are more common during first year after breast cancer diagnosis
Monitoring for individual triggers may reduce episodes of atrial fibrillation
Novel algorithm on wearable devices can detect irregular heartbeat, may prompt early care
Drinking caffeinated coffee has both beneficial and harmful short-term health effects
Researchers find benefits and drawbacks to two-step surgical approach for “leaky heart valves”
Scientists find benefits and drawbacks to two-step surgical approach for “leaky heart valves”
Genetic testing identifies overlap of heart failure and arrhythmia conditions
Mindfulness linked to better psychological health year or longer after cardiac arrest
Fetal heart rate monitoring can help manage high-risk pregnancies
Hydroxychloroquine, mainstay lupus treatment, not linked to serious cardiac complication
Heart function is normal in most people who have had Covid
Tamoxifen repurposing study shows no benefit in treating deadly fungal meningitis
Research briefs: Heartbeats to music, motivation and stress, and Covid vaccines
Why Prescription Drugs Can Work Differently for Different People
Most mothers born with heart defects can become pregnant and give birth safely. Expert medical care and counselling are essential
International experts set to advise early treatment for atrial fibrillation
Comparable survival for pacemaker wearers after heart valve replacement
Prescribed blood thinners can help reduce hospitalizations related to Covid
3D mapping of post-infarction scarring increases prognostic potential of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging
Synchrony through touch
Shrinking waveforms on electrocardiograms predict worsening health and death of hospitalized Covid and influenza patients
Radiation therapy reprograms heart muscle cells to younger state
Travel to High Altitudes Could be Dangerous for People with Heart Conditions
Cardiac arrest during air travel: citizen’s crucial role