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Western Sydney University funding success for research into survival of plants in heatwaves
Emergency chiefs: Climate change is here now and Australians are paying price
Asia-Pacific countries come together in Brisbane to tackle Disaster Risk Reduction
GBR island coral decline
Community action grants to reduce climate change impacts
It’s time to Get Ready Rockhampton
Researchers describe a survival strategy in living corals which was only seen in fossil records
Australia Faces Another Summer of Stress
Get ready for summer storm and fire season
Communities urged to prepare now as Australia enters severe weather season
Resources for severe weather
Population aging to create pockets of climate vulnerability in US
University Mississauga to collect data on large scale to understand relationship between cities
Statement on AEMO multi-year contracts for reserve power in Victoria
Climate guides help farmers weather risks
Heatwave service reactivated for 2019/20
Brave new world
New IPCC Special Report on Ocean Underlines Urgent Need for Climate Action
A Great Green Wall for Cities
City’s support for climate action
Super corals adapt well to cold but struggle with warming oceans
Hear about Willoughby’s green future at community information seminar
New Report: WA’s Iconic Cockatoo Threatened by Climate Change
A tale of three gases – how plants prepare to survive flooding
New resource to support schools to be more sustainable
Natural ways of cooling cities
Reef Is Rapidly Deteriorating
Roadmap To A Healthier Future For All Victorians
Victoria can be 100 per cent renewable by 2030
Massive die-off of cockles in Wadden Sea
Victorian Coal Dependence Risks Blackout: Solar Cheapest to Ensure Reliability
$11 Million down drain? Let’s save Stony Creek
Surviving climate change in field
Today’s AER decision confirms storm as main cause of SA blackout
Worn out Liddell Power station not up for future challenges
Liddell and Torrens decisions give breathing space to implement electricity plan
Climate change leaves mark on coastal ecosystems
Drones to detect illegal water abstractions
Brimbank calls for environmental Justice for West
Taylor will try and avoid climate action forever: Greens
Older adults’ independence is most significant factor for vulnerability in hot weather
Marine heatwaves: driven by local processes and climate variations
Study finds remote climate ‘events’ can drive marine heatwaves
Tas farmers most optimistic in nation – buoyed by sector outlook
National Drought Group agrees support for farmers and wildlife
National Drought Group – EA Chief Executive’s Statement
Time for Victoria to declare a climate emergency
Emergency Management Plan adopted by Council