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Greenpeace Responds to State of Global Climate Report: Fossil Fuel Industry Must Die, Not People
Oceans, Soil Moisture Drive Heatwave in Eastern China
Ruby Chorbajian, Head of Development, UK and Europe
Moorea research discovers coral skeleton impact on reef recovery after bleaching
Heat Domes Amplify Impact of Warming and Soil Feedback in North America
UK Hospitals: 1/5 Affected by 2022 Heatwave
WFP Helps Iraqi Farmers Cope with Climate Shocks
Heatwave to Hit S.E. Australia, Fires Still Burning
Coral Reefs in Pacific May Survive to 2060s: Study
PSU study finds PNW heatwave made everything stronger
Heatwave and Fire Danger in NSW, Monsoon/Tropical Low in North Australia
Keppel corals show resilience following severe bleaching
Record-High Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Boreal Fires in 2021
Total Fire Ban for Wimmera and South West
Heatwave hits Australia as monsoon affects north: 55
Heatwave Sweeps Australia as Monsoon Hits North
Owners Warned to Protect Pets From Scorching Heatwave
Heatwave forecast for Melbourne
Hot and dry weather forecast for western and eastern Australia
Canberra’s first grid-scale battery switched on
Cold Snap SE Australia, Heatwave Eastern QLD, Storms North
Summer safety tips: Campaspe Shire
Summer safety: Campaspe Shire
Queensland Floods as Southeast Boils in Heat
Rain, Storms in Queensland, Heatwave & Fires Scorch WA
NIWA’s 2022 Annual Climate Summary is now out
Northern Australia to See Rain, West and South at Risk of Heatwave & Fires
Record Snowmelt Drives Water Crisis in Western US
Western Power work accelerated in Peel region ahead of summer
Heatwave conditions in northern Australia while south-east sees colder than average temperatures
Marine heatwave developing
New heatwave warning system launched
‘Warm Blob’ marine heatwave helps invasive algae take over Baja Californian waters
UKHSA and ONS release estimates of excess deaths during summer of 2022
Free library workshops for National Mental Health Month
New national heatwave warning service to help keep Australians safer this summer
Helping Territorians keep their cool – new heatwave service launches
Looking back on 250 years of drought on Korean peninsula
Warming oceans are changing Australian reef fish populations
Spatiotemporal variation of mortality burden attributable to heatwaves in China, 1979-2020
NZ’s warmest and wettest winter on record
Illinois study suggests humble minnow can take heat
$10.4 million network upgrade to improve power reliability in WA
Response to Australian Marine Science Long-Term Monitoring Report
Data from elephant seals reveal new features of marine heatwave ‘the Blob’
Protecting bats from extreme heat
Reef: coral bleaching tragedy
Research examines prevalence of heatwaves in East Asia