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Extreme heat impacting millions across India and Pakistan
India and Pakistan act to save lives from extreme heat
Looking Back Climate Extremes in 2021
Glaciers continue to shrink this year, says NIWA
New national rainfall record surpasses 56-year-old record
Christmas power review released and outage payment increased
Great Barrier Grief: new coral bleaching confirmed
Deadly snakes proving to be slippery customers
Flooding continues for New South Wales and Queensland with weather conditions expected to continue easing
Study links Heatwave hotspots to urban agglomerations in Africa
Severe to dangerous thunderstorms likely across south-east and parts of central Queensland
Severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall possible for Queensland this week
Mean heat: Marine heatwaves to get longer and hotter by 2100
Police search for Missing Man at Winton
In heatwave conditions, Tasmania’s tall eucalypt forests no longer absorb carbon
Climate change and extreme weather will have complex effects on disease transmission
Heatwave conditions to lead to record demand for power
Christmas 2021 power outage review begins
Trees shrink during heatwaves
Climate crisis drives Mediterranean coral populations to collapse
Heatwave health warning
Dire heat warning after dogs discovered dead
Bureau courtside for Australian Open
New Zealand summers are getting hotter – and humans aren’t only ones feeling effects
For 25th year in row, Greenland ice sheet shrinks
Police continue search for missing man Paul
Extra relief for those affected by Christmas power outages
Stay cool, stay safe this summer
Official: Arctic Temperature Record Broken
38℃ record Arctic temperature confirmed, others likely to follow: WMO
Species recovery undermined by ‘climate gap’
Energy Security Target Monitor Report released
Our seas are sizzling again
Bureau Outlook shows more wet weather likely this summer
Garden City Salutes its Health Workers
Morrison’s 2050 plan climate fraud: Bandt
Abrolhos Island scallops become WA’s eleventh MSC certified sustainable fishery
Disastrous Impact of Extreme Heat in Canada
New work on climate change
Some coral reefs are keeping pace with ocean warming
Fish feces, common reef occurrence, becomes problem for coral as water warms
Thawing permafrost releases greenhouse gas from depth
Climate change: Shattering temperature ceiling
Environment and Climate Change Canada warns western Canadians about dangerous record-high temperatures
Tips for gardening in extreme heat
Marine heatwaves, zombie kina, and why MPAs need careful thought
Cooler Places program to be put to test next summer
Collapse of Northern California kelp forests will be hard to reverse