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Vegetarian women are at higher risk of hip fracture
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After Breaking Hip Psychological Resilience Benefits Your Walking, Study Shows
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Spinal anesthesia no better than general anesthesia for hip fracture patients: study
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STEP-HI Study Providing Physical and Mental Strength to Older Women
Increasing dairy intake reduces falls and fractures among older care home residents
Dairy foods reduce fractures in aged-care residents: study
Action for bone health is needed now more than ever, urges IOF
Myth Busted: General Anesthesia Just as Safe as Spinal Anesthesia After Broken Hip Surgery
General anesthesia just as safe as spinal anesthesia after broken hip surgery
Care for hip fractures in dementia explored at World Alzheimer’s Day event
New report shows disparity in care following hip fracture
Penn Medicine Hospitals Rank Among Top Hospitals Nationally and number one
UCSF Medical Center Ranks 1st Nationwide in Neuro, Among Top 10 Hospitals for 2021-22
Cognitive decline may help predict future fracture risk in w
Fragility fractures cost European health care systems 56.9 billion annually
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