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Running in Middle Age Keeps Old Adult-Born Neurons Wired
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Proof-of-Concept Study Advances Potential New Way to Deliver Gene Therapy
Emergence of game changer in field of medical microrobots
Brains cells born together wire and fire together for life
Discovery of Molecular Signatures of Immature Neurons in Human Brain Throughout Life Provide New Insights into Brain Plasticity
Team identifies compound with potent antiseizure effects
Team finds compound with potent antiseizure effects
Reduced inhibition of hippocampal neurons impairs long-term memory recall in Rett syndrome
Potential new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease would be relatively cheap
Researchers Reveal How Nicotine Influence Hippocampal Dependent Cognition
VR experiment with rats offers new insights about how neurons enable learning
New way to count micronuclei in cells
Chemists found an effective remedy for “aged” brain diseases
New insight into how anti-inflammatory effects of omega-3 fatty acids could help reduce depression
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Networks for memory and learning
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Using Novel Imaging Technology to Study Deep Brain
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