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Novel compound reveals fundamental properties of smallest carbon nanotubes
Scientists use public databases to leap over scourge of publication bias
Japan’s hands-off formula in disciplining schoolchildren works. Is it worth a try elsewhere?
Beyond space-age tech: Hybrid material moves next-generation transport fuel cells closer
Highly dense urban areas are not more vulnerable to COVID-19, researchers say
Invasive weed may help treat some human diseases, researchers find
Deep learning amyotrophic lateral sclerosis by taking pictures
Experimental demonstration of measurement-dependent realities possible, researcher says
Researchers identify “rescue” mechanism that helps cells survive malfunctioning split
Scientists shine new light on heat-damaged hair
AI that detects post-stroke depression type can help stroke survivors get right treatment
New blended solar cells yield high power conversion efficiencies
A New Species of Rare Phylum Loricifera Discovered in Deep-sea Surrounding Japan
New treatments and promising tech vs COVID-19 emerge from HU’s laboratories
Researchers find direction decided by rate of coin flip in quantum world
Remnants of an ancient asteroid shed new light on early solar system
Offspring of mice fed imbalanced diets shown to be neurologically ‘programmed’ for obesity
AI taught to rapidly assess disaster damage so humans know where help is needed most
Building better electron sources with graphene
Government’s stimulus program to boost consumer spending
There’s a New Squid in Town
How people trick themselves into thinking something is heavier than it really is
Genetically modified mice can show which functional foods can heal kidney disease
Can we peek at Schrödinger’s cat without disturbing it?
Math shows why animals see at night
A Simpler Way to Choose Sex of Offspring by Separating X and Y Sperm
Surprising merit of giant clam feces
Tumor energy source found by scientists at Hiroshima University
Airborne particles can send our detox systems into overdrive
Reusable gel safely removes arsenic from drinking water
“The way you move”: Body structure brings coordinated movement
Scientists discover origin of cell mask that hides stomach cancer
3D printed prosthetic hand can guess how you play Rock, Paper, Scissors
Vest helps athletes keep their cool