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Conservation of Nara Park Deer Preserves Unique Genes
Climate Change-Driven Biodiversity Shifts Impact Humans
UVA Astronomer Outlines Webb Telescope’s Future Science Plans
Veggies Get Natural Anti-Inflammatory Boost Through Pigments
Covid Discrimination Linked to Mental Stress, Work Issues
‘Engine’ of luminous merging galaxies pinpointed for first time
Gum Infection Linked to Heart Arrhythmia – Study
Red Perilla Genome Sequenced, Potential for Medical Benefits Unlocking
Ethanol preps rice and wheat for drought
Meta-analysis reveals how crowds may change gene expression in some insects
Improving accuracy of markerless gait analysis
Prominent Plant Experts Visit Hiroshima to Observe A-Bomb Survivor Trees
Researchers detect illegal intercountry trade of mercury using discrepancies in mirrored trade data
Two-hour prenatal course may reduce postpartum depression and increase parental confidence
Scientists detect illegal trade between countries in mercury by using discrepancies in mirrored trade data
Case study proposes framework for analyzing U.S.-China geo-political tensions in Indo-Pacific
Synergetic optimization for reducing residual warpage in laser powder bed fusion
Research team examines virtual romantic relationships
Human ‘blastoids’ offer medical hope but also deep ethical challenges
No environmental justice, no positive peace – and vice versa
Research reveals tactile impressions add product value
Wrapping of nanosize copper cubes can help convert carbon dioxide into other chemicals
New, comprehensive framework could better inform carbon-cutting policies
Study reveals unseen havoc natural disasters can wreak on our brain
Newly identified genes may help protect crops against flooding
Researcher team investigates sex-determination mechanisms in birds
How nurses learn to assess pain levels in infants
E-learning training program better than no training for nurse knowledge and skills, researchers find
Scientists expand entomological research using genome editing
Collapsed bridge helps inform future flood-resistant designs
Muscle biopsy test for biomarker could lead to earlier diagnosis of ALS
Researchers study society’s readiness for AI ethical decision making
World-first: biomarker that can diagnose Parkinson’s disease
New non-radioactive, neutral reagent reveals viruses in clear detail
Research reveals who is most at risk, impact on local communities
Tokyo Tech hosts 15th Student Support Forum online
Scientists identify chemical markers that may unlock future therapeutic uses of mRNA
Researchers identify chemical markers that may unlock future therapeutic uses of mRNA
(May.14, Registration required) Symposium “Striving for a university free of discrimination”
We have published “Vigorous Development of Next-Generation by Establishment of Hiroshima University Fellowship for Female Graduate
Neural network model helps predict site-specific impacts of earthquakes
World’s first LED lights developed from rice husks
Pathogenic bacteria causing lung diseases hitchhike on red blood cells
Self-sustained divertor oscillation mechanism identified in fusion plasma experiment
Faster, more efficient living cell separation achieved with new microfluidic chip
Looking to acorn worm for clues: Why vertebrates cannot regenerate their bodies
Advancement in Hepatitis B cell lines step forward in discovering new treatments
Accelerated ammonia synthesis holds promise for conversion of renewable energy