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UNESCO Leads Global Talk on Ethics of Neurotechnology
Remnants of ancient virus may fuel ALS in people
Ancient Virus Remnants May Fuel Lou Gehrig’s Disease
Remnants of ancient virus may fuel ALS
Research Links Genetic Variants to Blood Pressure Regulation in Decoding DNA Dark Matter
Moving towards more inclusive approach to medicine
Medicine Takes More Inclusive Approach
JABSOM Scientists Advance Human Genome Project
Genetic Data Trove Reveals Insights on Primate Evolution
Primate Genome Sequencing Provides Insight into Evolution and Human Health
Primate Genome Studies Shed Light on Evolution & Health
Primate Genome Sequencing Unveils Evolution and Health Applications
Treatment Found for Rare Genetic Skin Disorder, NIH Scientists Say
AI System Predicts Consequences of Gene Modifications
Geneticists Unearth Hidden Whole Genome Duplication Explaining Species Survival
Mammal DNA Unlocks High-Res View of Human Genome
New computational method reveals noncoding genome mutation effects
CU Researchers Discover Deeper Understanding of Ancestry and Gene Expression
Jumping Genes Alter Human Colon Genomes, Shed Light on Aging and Tumorigenesis
Early Humans’ Migration Out of Africa Offers Medical Insights
Clinical Screening Identifies Family Members at Risk for Heart Muscle Disease
Alzheimer’s Genes Linked to Higher Epilepsy Risk
Data Scientists at University of Colorado Develop Global Rare Disease Phenopacket Standard
NIH Grants Baylor College of Medicine Funding to Study Somatic Mosaicism
NIH Launches $140M Effort to Investigate Genetic Variation in Normal Human Cells and Tissues
USC Researcher Utilizes Mammal DNA to Enhance Human Genome Resolution
Scientists release a new human “pangenome” reference
More diverse human reference genome
Scientists Release New Human Pangenome Reference
New Pangenome Provides Inclusive View of Human Genome
Addressing Scientific Racism and Eugenics in Classroom
African Rhinos Share Unique Retroviruses, Study Finds
Essential RNA molecule enables gut to move food
AI Training: Backward Cat Pic Recognized as Cat Pic
Texas A&M Redefines Mammalian Tree of Life in New Research
Deletions in Human Genome May Have Made Us Human
Deleted Information in Genome May Have Made Us Human
240 Mammal Genomes Reveal Human Disease Risks
Free Zoonomia Project Explains Mammalian Genomes and Human Disease Risks
Research Suggests Catalyst for Human Brain Evolution
Deleted Information in Human Genome May Have Shaped Humanity
Solving mystery behind how nutrients enter cells
Targeting Historic Infections in DNA May Boost Cancer Treatment
Scientists Narrow Potential Height Genes Pool
Scientists Create Atlas of Human Gene Mutations
OHSU Scientists Create Gene Mutation Atlas of Human Tissue
Experts call for smarter governance of CRISPR-Cas
Cancer Researchers Discover Protein with New Anti-Tumoral Properties