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Greenest city centres in Great Britain revealed
Researchers reveal first close-up of bats’ immune response to live infection
UK city centers ranked for ‘greenness’
New ‘Life From All Angles’ video features Sally Mackenzie’s epigenetics research
Consultation launched to protect patients from silent pandemic of antimicrobial resistance
“Primordial super-enhancers” provide an early snapshot of mechanisms that enabled multicellularity
Scientists to benefit from multimillion funding boost for biofilms studies
Researchers detect illegal intercountry trade of mercury using discrepancies in mirrored trade data
Man’s best friend leads way to early cancer detection
Health informatics opportunities for Mavericks
Catalyst-free oxidative coupling of flavones in food grade alkaline water
Microbial Inhabitants of Cleaning Appliances and Tools
Extreme heat threatens health of old and young alike
Experts urge action on medical test kit waste
TRISH selects two projects to advance human space health research through cellular repair
Scientists detect illegal trade between countries in mercury by using discrepancies in mirrored trade data
Griffith helps place value on livestock disease in Indonesia
Can pharmacotherapies prevent alcohol use disorder in people with PTSD?
Turning wastewater into fertilizer is feasible and could help to make agriculture more sustainable
Science misinformation on GMOs reaches quarter of billion people
Lancaster skip hire company has waste permit withdrawn
Toxins from harmful algae in bull sharks of Florida’s Indian River Lagoon
Expert Comment: Air pollution cools climate more than expected
Maize breeding efforts to improve food security and safety in Africa
Permit variation issued for energy recovery facility in Horsham
Circular Construction Waste Management in Croatia: From Raw Material to Waste and Back
Climate change will clearly disrupt El Niño and La Niña this decade – 40 years earlier than we thought
Researchers identify SARS-CoV-2 variant in white-tailed deer, evidence of deer-to-human transmission
Desert dust collected from glacier ice helps document climate change
Seafood farming’s growth rate has already peaked, and now it’s in decline
Future Policy Award for best policies for toxic-free world with focus on children
Big Windermere Survey is back
Healthy plant-based diets better for environment than less healthy plant-based diets
Canine cancers give clues about human health risks
Genes that control our ‘metabolic individuality’ and disease risk
Gut microbiome’s supersized role in shaping molecules in our blood
‘Communicate smarter’ about climate change action
Exploring Extreme Heat Wave Events
Using nuclear techniques to track micronutrients applied to wheat crops
Economic interests cloud hazardous chemicals reductions
New air purification strategy might reduce risk of Covid transmission
EPA report good results for South West Rocks water testing
Role of nutrient may reveal dietary target in fight against microbial infections
Genome sequencing supports Nile rat animal model for diabetes research
Obesity, Parkinson’s disease, and pesticides
IAEA at COP27: New Report Shows How Nuclear Technology Supports Climate Change Adaptation in Africa
Tropical cyclones act as ‘massive heat pumps’ that fuel extreme heat
Stem cells may help replace lost sensory neurons