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Australia becomes ratified Party to Minamata Convention on Mercury
Heat dome and other climate events have growing impact on mental health-study
Grants fund study, outreach on sustainable milk production
New, better coronavirus rapid test
Green backyards help increase urban climate resilience
Imperial and George Institute renew collaboration to drive health innovation
Cell sorting enters new dimension
Solving global impact of microplastics
Broccoli compound induces cell death in yeast, offers research path for cancer treatment
Deceased native birds, multiple locations investigation
EBOS seeks clearance to acquire New Zealand LifeHealthcare business
U.S. EPA and World Health Organization Partner to Protect Public Health
Promising gut microbiota researcher receives prize
NSF-funded Study Finds Eolian Dust Systems in Texas and New Mexico to be Current and Future Potent Dust Sources that Impact
Days with hazardous levels of air pollutants are more common due to increase in wildfires
Lockdown drove pollution changes between – even within – cities
Case Western Reserve, NeoIndicate LLC sign license agreement to commercialize imaging agent to aid
NIH launches first phase of $9.8 million competition to accelerate development of neuromodulation therapies
Connecting dots on plastic pollution
UKHO’s Diffuse Coastal Pollution Challenge with Geovation
Nuclear research techniques are an important tool for environmental scientists to understand past climates and anticipate future
Scientists prove that deadly gene has jumped from harmless organism to nasty pathogen
Pressure leads GPs to increase antibiotic prescribing
4°C warming by 2100 ‘can’t be ruled out’
Agents between good and evil
“We need to rethink methodology of assessing and supplementing iodine to large population groups”
Veterinary surgeon-scientist shifts from Cornell to AVMA
Maternal Covid infection increases risks of preterm birth, low birth weight and stillbirth
Nutritional value of huhu grubs assessed for first time
Student Projects Sniff Out Black Carbon Hotspots
Bald eagle rebound stunted by poisoning from lead ammunition
Bid to understand how bacterial defences affect spread of ‘mobile genetic elements’
Citizen science data from Berlin show that urban areas can be refuge for bats, if certain conditions are met
Citizen science helps nurture our health through nature
Study: BPA exposure of placenta could affect fetal brain development
What your sweat says about your health
Too Much Salt: Good for Winter Travel, but with Consequences for Environmental and Human Health
Genomic regions discovered that could help understand obesity
How plant-based diets not only reduce our carbon footprint, but also increase carbon capture
New bacteria in UK waters as temperatures rise
New way to alter DNA, affect health circumvents gut bacteria
CBSA and RCMP intercept boat, leads to seizure of over 200 kilograms of suspected cannabis
How much dust do children swallow?
Air pollution from wildfires, rising heat affected 68% of U.S. West in one day
Greenhouse gas emissions – have your say
Superbug MRSA arose in hedgehogs long before clinical use of antibiotics
Large study assesses cancer risk among mammals
Due to poor sanitary conditions, Jerusalem elite suffered from infectious disease