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Chronic diseases and public health failures fuelling COVID-19 pandemic: study
Chronic disease, poor public response fuels COVID-19
Dr Jun Yang and primary aldosteronism profiled
Project aims to increase COVID-19 testing for Native populations
HKUMed reports a simple risk score to identify undiagnosed diabetes and announces launch of “HK CRISPS
Certain pre-existing conditions may double, triple mortality risk for COVID-19
One stillbirth occurs every 16 seconds, according to first ever joint UN estimates
Sydney leads in medical centres of excellence
COVID-19 Has a Prolonged Effect for Many During Pregnancy
Common cardiovascular disease drug could help hearts of at risk new mums
Fast food and folic acid can affect pregnancy health
Polycystic ovary syndrome increases risk for gestational diabetes and hypertensive disorders
A Look at Duke’s Nobel Laureates
Chinandega residents in Nicaragua better informed about COVID-19
Bendigo’s Optimism makes for a Regional Australia Manufacturing Model
Pitt Launches Trial for COVID-19 Outpatient Treatments
UNE’s Michele Polacsek co-writes op-ed on distance learning’s effects on nutrition
Male Y chromosome does more than we thought
Insomnia, sleeping less than six hours may increase risk of cognitive impairment
Public Health Management Corporation, Penn Medicine, Trinity Health Mid-Atlantic and Independence Blue Cross
How Loss of Black-Owned Doctors’ Offices May Worsen Health Disparities
COVID-19 mortality rates higher among men than women
Screening cataract patients may shed light on COVID-19 rates
What we know about COVID-19 and kids
High rates of unexplained strokes and delayed recognition of symptoms found
WSU research behind potential game-changing Alzheimer’s drug
Science Supports Bendigo’s Optimism Campaign
A pregnancy ended by COVID-19 informs new understanding and protocols
Research produces different results from key China COVID-19 investigation
Baylor to study effects of lifestyle changes on brain health
COVID-19 measures deepening health inequalities in slum communities
COVID-19 patients with sleep apnoea could be at additional risk
Mental health of military personnel impacts their physical health
Worse birth outcomes, higher maternal risk factors for pregnancies in Alberta’s poorest rural regions
Preemptive Strike Against Alzheimer’s Could Markedly Change Course
Links between arthritis therapy and heart disease improvements
Pregnant women with covid-19 are less likely to have symptoms, may more likely need intensive care
These lifestyle choices can reduce risk of chronic kidney disease
Handgrip strength shown to identify people at high risk of type 2 diabetes
Penn Researchers Continue to Advance Transplantation of Hepatitis C Virus-infected Kidneys into HCV-Negative
European study offers new clinical insights into COVID-19 and cancer
Blood Pressure Medication Use Appears Helpful by Slowing Down Spread of Alzheimer’s Disease
Scientist unveils a 3D printed device to excite nerves
Scientist unveils a 3D printer-housed medical device
Lung cancer trial of RET inhibitor selpercatinib achieves durable responses
Type 2 Diabetes Drugs Work Better in Tethered Combination Therapy
When liver cirrhosis is deadly
Obesity linked with higher risk for COVID-19 complications