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Impact of Cancer on Hispanic Patients and Caregivers Studied
Research: Bulevirtide Effective for Treating Chronic Hepatitis D
DARP grant funding
Promising New Procedure Treats Resistant Hypertension Minimally Invasively
Protein Engineers Target Therapeutics More Effectively
MRFF grants – bringing better health to life
60% Greater Hypertension Risk in Disadvantaged Youth
MRFF Cardiovascular Health Grant
FDA Recalls 3 Eye Drops: Patient Info Needed
Kids at Risk of Hypertension from Being Overweight
Patients Benefit from Easier-to-Read Prescription Labels
Dim Lights at Bedtime: Lower Risk of Gestational Diabetes
Remote BP Program Enhances Care in Pandemic: Study
Lack of Sleep Impairs Vaccine Effectiveness, Raising Infection Risk
3D Covalent Organic Framework Sets Record for Large Drug Delivery Pores
New Drug May Treat Blinding Headaches from IIH: Trial Finds
Autism in Children Linked to Cardiometabolic Diseases: Meta-Analysis
Symptoms of Depression Linked to Higher Stroke Risk
Women face higher risk after coronary artery bypass surgery
Sex and Metabolic Hormones Linked to Obesity Protection
President’s Budget Extends Medicare Solvency, Strengthens Program, Lowers Costs
Women at greater risk of death after heart bypass: study
Erratic Sleep Tied to High Blood Pressure in Overweight Teens
Teens’ Irregular Sleep Tied to High Blood Pressure
Young Adults’ Cardiovascular Risk Factors: Prevalence, Treatment, and Control
Obesity Linked to Diabetes and Hypertension in Women
Are your child’s headphones causing permanent damage?
Long COVID Tied to Low Brain Oxygen, Cognitive Issues
Long COVID Linked to Brain Oxygen & Mental Health Issues
1 in 5 Patients Refusing Statins at Risk of Heart Disease
Ultrasound Offers Potential Treatment for High Blood Pressure
Evolutionary Thinking Transforms Medicine: Anti-Antibiotics to Extinction Therapy
AI & Medical Records Predict Alzheimer’s
AI & Medical Records Predict Alzheimer’s
Pregnancies Linked to Future Heart Disease Risk
Immune Cells Linked to High Blood Pressure Risk
DNA Methylation Identified as Key Biomarker of Epigenetic Ageing
Women with Strong Relationships Have Fewer Health Issues
Hypertension During Pregnancy Linked to Future Heart Disease
Nurse Leader Manages Blood Pressure with Health Education
Women’s Dementia Risk Linked to Disadvantage: Multi-Country Study
Opioid Tapers May Pose Risks for Long-Term Users
Fructose Linked to Alzheimer’s: Study
Low Brain Pressure Linked to Glaucoma Risk
Research: Metabolites Show More Accurate Mediterranean Diet Intake in Pregnant Women
Heart disease patient appreciates female-focused care
Air Pollution Tied to Higher BP in London Youth
London Teens’ BP Rises Due to Air Pollutants