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Researchers Model Impact and Value of Establishing Blood Pressure Control Programs at Barbershops Nationwide
Improving heart health may reduce severity of COVID-19 disease
Artificial intelligence predicts brain age from EEG signals recorded during sleep studies
Twenty-two organizations call on Biden administration to put patients first as surprise billing law is implemented
RUDN professor clarified benefits of Mg supplementation in pregnancy and hormonal disorders
Harnessing healthy behaviors to prevent dementia
New heart metric may increase survival for heart-failure patients
Non-invasive sensor shows correlation between blood pressure and intracranial pressure
New Heart Metric May Improve Survival for Heart-Failure Patients, Study Finds
COVID-19 as systemic disease: What does that mean for kidneys?
Procedure using ultrasound energy found to treat high blood pressure
Calquence demonstrated fewer incidences of atrial fibrillation versus ibrutinib
With NIH grant, UTA team to examine cardiovascular disease
Showcasing region’s food science to attract foreign investment
Next-generation genetic sequencing to detect pancreatic and biliary cancer one of seven new projects awarded Kaye Competition
Healthy diet before and during pregnancy linked to lower risk of complications, NIH study suggests
Assessing cost-effective interventions to reduce maternal, stillborn and newborn deaths
Researchers Develop Proof-of-Concept Treatment that Elevates Both Adult and Fetal Hemoglobin
Hypertension during pregnancy is associated with increased risk of stroke in offspring
Research Summarizes Up-to-date Ethnobotanical Uses, Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Distribution of Hydnora Species
Black adults in U.S. who consume ultra-processed foods at greater risk for hypertension
Dementia risk factors similar for men and women, but not high blood pressure
Researchers identify promising new biologics for obesity-related diseases
Mission Pressure Down
Blood pressure van back on road
Zapping Nerves with Ultrasound Lowers Drug-Resistant Blood Pressure
EuroHeartCare – ACNAP Congress 2021: helping patients manage heart conditions
Pregnant women hospitalized for COVID-19 infection do not face increased risk of death
People living with HIV more likely to get sick with, die from COVID-19
Americans are increasingly experiencing chronic pain
New study suggests pregnant women hospitalized for COVID-19 do not face increased risk of death
UNRWA Mobile Clinics provide vital care to Bedouin Palestine refugees during COVID-19
Mother’s Day Advice about Mental Health from Doctor Mom
Researchers find some medicines could raise blood pressure
‘Causal’ blood pressure genes found in human kidney
340B hospitals offer more assistance removing barriers to medication access
Air pollution linked to high blood pressure in children; other studies address air quality and heart
Enzyme that could help 700 million people worldwide
Atrial fenestration during AVSD repair is associated with increased mortality
Pulmonary endarterectomy achieves excellent results for patients with segmental CTEPH
Farxiga approved in US for treatment of chronic kidney disease in patients
Obesity, high-salt diet pose different cardiovascular risks in females, males
If slightly high blood pressure doesn’t respond to lifestyle change, medication can help
Leading doctors call on India to stop mass gatherings and consider postponing elections
Football Fitness gives an important boost to health in women treated for breast cancer
90 percent of countries’ health services continue to be disrupted by COVID-19 pandemic: WHO
Three year focus on multimorbidity in South London highlights inequality
Pregnant women with COVID-19 face high mortality rate