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LifeGate New interactive map shows full diversity of life
Informing future conservation priorities of ecosystems in Tropical Andes
More species could be threatened with extinction than previously thought
Six guiding principles for EU agricultural policy to halt biodiversity loss
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
Good things come to those who love warmth – insects in climate change
Photos of Amazon animals supply extensive collection of biodiversity data
Healthy development thanks to older siblings
Native plant gardening for species conservation
Reptiles likely benefit from efforts to save other animals
How healthy are our streams?
European earthworms reduce insect populations in North American forests
While some insects are declining, others might be thriving
Love of nature is partially heritable, study of twins shows
Climate and soil determine distribution of plant traits
Extreme droughts also afflicting Leipzig floodplain forest
Widespread plants displace rarer species across habitats
Climatic changes and overfishing depleted Baltic herring long before industrialisation
Where wild bears are
Geologically vibrant continents produce higher biodiversity
Functioning of terrestrial ecosystems is governed by three main factors
Species extinction seen also in literature
Pioneering method of assessing rewilding progress applied for first time
Large herbivores can reduce fire risks
To understand future habitat needs for chimpanzees, look to past
Survival strategy of starving spruces trees: critical role of reserves
Art of biodiversity
Into third funding phase with a boost for growth
Dragonflies: Species losses and gains in Germany
Leipzig’s Botanical Garden is humming and buzzing again
Climate protection, preservation of biodiversity and social justice – these tasks can only be solved in triad
Global change: a tight squeeze for African great apes
Urban life is not to everyone’s taste
Protection of biological diversity via Common Agricultural Policy is achievable
Limited value of tree plantations for biodiversity conservation
Transforming crop and timber production could reduce species extinction risk by 40%
Biodiversity is positively related to mental health
New method for genome assembly in barley provides excellent results
Chimpanzees without borders
Belowground biodiversity in motion
Plant responses to climate are lagged
Street trees close to home may reduce risk of depression
EuropaBON: MLU and iDiv lead new pan-European project for joint monitoring
Leipzig researchers compile worlds largest inventory of known plant species
Seductive scent of sweet fruits
Climate change drives plants to extinction in Black Forest in Germany, study finds
Land management in forest and grasslands: how much can we intensify?
We need a safety net for biodiversity