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How cells remember inflammation
T Cell Response Not Critical for Immune Memory to SARS-CoV-2 or Recovery from Covid
Covid Immunity Varies Among Genders and Age Groups
Longer interval between first and second Pfizer vaccine boosts antibody levels and ‘helper’ T cells
Longer interval between Pfizer vaccine doses boosts immunity
Statement from Chief Public Health Officer of Canada on July 22, 2021
New insights into uncontrolled inflammation in COVID-19 patients
Exploiting Softness: Novel Strategy for Lymph Node Delivery of Vaccines
Research links vaccine immune response to age
Research reveals unleashing Treg cells may lead to treatments for multiple sclerosis
Cardiff University awarded major funding to research long Covid
Imfinzi approved in China for treatment of extensive-stage small cell lung cancer
Space Health Institute Awards Four Postdoctoral Fellowships
Putting brakes on immune reactions
Single-shot Ad26.COV2.S COVID-19 vaccine lasts at least eight months and covers delta variant, researchers report
Investigating how B cells and antibodies in immune system respond to breast cancer
Progress towards new treatments for tuberculosis
Scientists identify key molecular pathways controlling anti-tumoral functions of immune cells
HKU biologists identify and demonstrate a naturally abundant venom peptide from ants that activates a previously unknown pseudo
Biomaterial vaccines ward off broad range of bacterial infections and septic shock
Personalized Tumor Vaccines May Solve Tumor Recurrence and Metastasis Challenges
VP&S Launches New Initiative on Human Tissue Immunity and Disease
Study of T Cells from COVID-19 Convalescents Guides Vaccine Strategies
Researchers find potential path to a broadly protective COVID-19 vaccine using T cells
Tumor cell PD-L1 may mediate sensitivity to chemotherapy in colorectal cancer treatment
Self-amplifying RNA COVID-19 vaccine technology safe in humans, suggests study
Additional Treatment Option TREMFYA – Now Available on PBS for Australians with Active Psoriatic Arthritis
Machine learning helps in predicting when immunotherapy will be effective
COVID-19 vaccines show safety, immunity in infant model
Adjuvant developed with NIH funding enhances efficacy of India’s COVID-19 vaccine
Studying how microbiome affects immunity could improve vaccine effectiveness
Australian research project investigating long-term impact of COVID-19 awarded 2021 Gilead Fellowship Grant
19 July remains our target date for ending restrictions
Researchers Discover Unique Immune Response by Cells Critical to Lung Health
Response to COVID-19 vaccines varies widely in blood cancer patients
Vaxzevria induced immunity for at least one year following a single dose and strong immune responses following either a late second
Researchers identify new approach to treat inflammatory disorders while preserving protection against opportunistic infections
Researchers identify levels of antibody protection required to prevent symptomatic COVID-19
Researchers Reveal New Mechanism Underlying Pyroptosis Induced by Yersinia Infection
First Australian COVID-19 DNA vaccine trial commences
Common plant fiber gel doubled rate of tumor eradication
New snack foods nurture healthy gut microbiome
NIH begins study of COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy and postpartum
Study finds common protein in blood enables human fertilization and fighting infection
SARS-CoV-2 infections may trigger antibody responses against multiple virus proteins
Gene profile in blood predicts risk of poor outcomes, death for patients with COVID-19
How surfaces of silicone breast implants affect immune system
Gene edits quell rhythm problem from heart stem cell grafts