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A diversity of wildlife is good for human health
Differing immune responses discovered in asymptomatic cases vs those with severe COVID-19
B cell activating factor possible key to hemophilia immune tolerance
Academics provide research evidence to Cabinet Office COVID-19 TaskForce
Study reveals a unique mode of cell migration on soft ‘viscoelastic’ surfaces
Human challenge trial launches to study immune response to COVID-19
University of Helsinki sold cancer and infectious disease vaccination platform called PeptiBAC to Valo Therapeutics
Dissolvable microneedle patch for treatment of inflammatory skin disorders
Trial shows York leishmaniasis vaccine safe and induces immune responses in patients
Penn Study Suggests Those Who Had COVID-19 May Only Need One Vaccine Dose
Penn Medicine Awarded Nearly $7 Million for First Year of Contract to Study Influenza Viruses
NIH funds new influenza research network
Study shows how chronic stress may inhibit body’s cancer-fighting ability
UBCO research shows a mother’s fat intake can impact infant infectious disease outcomes
Genes that make children susceptible to severe Kawasaki disease identified
COVID-19 patients risk blood clot formation due to overactive immune response
Personalized Cancer Vaccine Guided by Mount Sinai Computations Is Safe, Shows Potential Benefit Against Multiple Tumor Types
CD40 Drug Before Surgery Shows Promise in Early-stage Pancreatic Cancer
How Worried Should You Be About Coronavirus Variants?
Antibody binding-site conserved across COVID-19 virus variants
Genetic diversity within tumors suggests continuous evolution
New inhibitors may offer novel approach to treating deadly tuberculosis
Responding to challenge of COVID-19
Emory participating in Moderna COVID-19 variant vaccine study
Infant Antibiotic Exposure Can Affect Future Immune Responses Toward Allergies
New cells harnessed to ambush and kill malaria
T cells recognize recent SARS-CoV-2 variants
Two-thirds of epidemiologists warn mutations could render current COVID-19 vaccines ineffective in a year or less
Exploring variations in herpes virus symptoms
We don’t yet know how effective COVID vaccines are for people with immune deficiencies
Prior COVID infection primes immune response to one dose of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine
New study finds strong immune response following Covid-19 vaccination
Researchers look for immunological solutions in marsupial opossums
Light pollution drives increased risk of West Nile virus
Inflammatory bowel disease biologic blunts immune response to COVID-19
How Bristol’s research has played a key role in world’s response to COVID-19
Vaccination by inhalation
Three-dimensional imaging provides valuable insight to immune responses
Threats and Optimism: Vigilance Needed to Get to End of Pandemic
Threats and Optimism: Caution Needed to Get to End of Pandemic
How Effective Is Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine? Here’s What You Should Know
Digital twins could lead to more proactive, personalized medicine, IU researchers say
AI analysis of how bacteria attack could help predict infection outcomes
AstraZeneca vaccine better when given 12 weeks apart
GACVS COVID-19 Vaccine Safety subcommittee meeting to review reports on influenza-like illness
Covid-19 vaccine candidate based on UCPH-research ready for testing on humans
World’s first Covid-19 vaccine alternating dose study begins at University of Nottingham Health Service
New Study Will Examine How Robustly Individuals Respond to COVID-19 Vaccination