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Role of Microenvironmental and Metabolic Factors during Anti-infectious Immune Responses
RNA expression differences between Black and White Americans
Increasing lifespan and stability of human implantable medical devices
HKUMed identifies BiIA-SG as promising universal drug for HIV-1 prevention and functional cure
“Humanized” mouse model selects better match for organ transplant
Research finds biomarker that may help predict benefits of immunotherapy
New study to test third Covid vaccine for people with weakened immune systems
Next-generation coronavirus vaccine trials to begin soon
UK Government launches UK-wide antibody surveillance programme
Purdue University, Houston Methodist researchers develop novel strategy for tuberculosis vaccine
BCM leading Covid vaccine study in pregnant women
Immune Response to Covid May Be Proportional to Illness Severity, Duration
‘2.0’ of Covid vaccine quickly kicks immune system into high gear
New approach identifies T cells in Covid patients
Moderna gives bigger antibody boost than Pfizer in elderly: University of Toronto researchers
New Research Provides Clues to Developing Better Intranasal Vaccines for Covid and Flu
Research provides clues to developing better intranasal vaccines for Covid and flu
Scientific reasoning requires irrationality of intuition
Probiotics for corals boost resilience, help prevent mortality
U.S. FDA Approves TICOVAC, Pfizer’s Tick-Borne Encephalitis Vaccine
Covid NEWS: Johns Hopkins Medicine Study Shows Vaccine Likely Protects People with HIV
Covid vaccine strategy to give body ‘border protection’
‘Frameshifting’ therapy for mast cell cancers reduces size, spread
Interim statement on dose-sparing strategies for Covid vaccines
Interim statement on heterologous priming for Covid vaccines
Community Jameel fund drives high-impact Covid projects
Reducing organ transplant side-effects
Tuberculosis, forgotten pandemic relying on a 100-year-old vaccine
Antibody findings spark ideas for pan-coronavirus vaccine
Muscle Protein That Makes Vertebrates More Fit Linked to Limited Lifespan
Study Reveals What Triggers Lung Damage during Covid
Oral Vaccine Failure in Mouse Model of Chronic Gut Disorder
Dieting – why it’s not really about calories, low fat, keto or paleo
How cells draw on memories of past inflammation to respond to new threats
Antibodies dovetail with protection
Researchers discover surprising new way that tuberculosis suppresses immunity
Cancer vaccine improves outcomes in Lynch syndrome model
Geographic differences in gut microbiota boost immunity
How microscopic fungus could lead to breakthrough in oral cancer research
How cells remember inflammation
T Cell Response Not Critical for Immune Memory to SARS-CoV-2 or Recovery from Covid
Covid Immunity Varies Among Genders and Age Groups
Longer interval between first and second Pfizer vaccine boosts antibody levels and ‘helper’ T cells
Longer interval between Pfizer vaccine doses boosts immunity
Statement from Chief Public Health Officer of Canada on July 22, 2021
New insights into uncontrolled inflammation in COVID-19 patients
Exploiting Softness: Novel Strategy for Lymph Node Delivery of Vaccines
Research links vaccine immune response to age