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One in ten has problems with long-term covid
Vaccine passports: Council of Europe issues guidance to governments to safeguard human rights
Machine learning can help slow down future pandemics
Operation Oliver: Police announce $100,000 reward over disappearance of Amber-Lee Cruickshank
Huge cost of government’s vaccine rollout delay revealed by new modelling
Commission issues updated cartel leniency policy
Potential for big influenza season
On WHO’s World Health Day, Aussies remain ignorant of serious health condition affecting thousands each year
Further easing of Covid restrictions confirmed for 12 April
Vanderbilt psychology research shows people more willing to take COVID-19 vaccine to benefit society
Smokers want to quit to help health system during COVID
ETU Statement on COVID-19 Vaccination
Press briefing notes on Turkey
Free-riders, collective benefit and philosophy of mandatory vaccination
Why Covid-19 Vaccine Efficacy Differs – And Why It Doesn’t Matter
Chief Health Officer advice: AstraZeneca vaccine rollout
New collaboration between Immutep and MSD
Financial stress and mental distress growing despite signs of economic upturn; satisfaction with government policy
Accurate Aging of Wild Animals Thanks to First Epigenetic Clock for Bats
New light on innate plant immunity
New CRISPR screening technique developed at Vanderbilt leads to discovery of pathway that may be linked to cancer initiation
TSU chemist is developing a material for treating complex burns
Study aids local decision-making in reopening places of worship amidst COVID-19
New data show vaccines reduce severe COVID-19 in older adults
Starvation turns slime moulds into multicellular organisms
ASIC launches Immunity policy for market misconduct offences
First real-world UK data shows Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine provides high levels of protection from first dose
What influences progression of Covid-19?
Fall in support for COVID-19 vaccine could risk jeopardising herd immunity: survey
Greens welcome AstraZeneca approval but say further diversity is needed
All colours of dingo: not just a yellow dog
Statement by President Three Years After Parkland Shooting
COVID-19 vaccinations: what you need to know about second dose
Consultation begins on Royal Commission reforms
People could thing a thing or 2 from spiny lobsters, like how to stop spread of COVID-19
Vitamin business booms for Melbourne Vietnamese migrant
UConn Health Researchers Track COVID-19 Immunity
Air New Zealand Wellington regional lounge re-opens today
Intranasal influenza vaccine spurs strong immune response in Phase 1 study
Healthline: Vaccinating people with high risk for COVID-19 isn’t quickest way to herd immunity
Scientists reveal novel mechanism for different parasitic strategies among parasitoid species
Cabbage whites triggered egg-killing leaf necrosis in crucifers
Virtual reality will help us in communicating social benefits of vaccination
Why COVID-19 variants are so dangerous and how to stop them spreading
Feral colonies provide clues for enhancing honey bee tolerance to pathogens
Herd immunity muddies waters
Prime Minister’s statement on coronavirus 15 January 2021
COVID-19 vaccines: what to expect and how to combat hesitancy