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Triggering antiviral immune response in certain breast cancers
Population density and virus strains will affect how regions can resume normal life
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Past COVID-19 infection provides some immunity but people may still carry and transmit virus
Clinical trial finds vitamin D does not ward off colds and flu
Partisan politics prolong pandemic
Scientists developing Covid-19 vaccine nasal spray
Just another common cold virus? Modeling SARS-CoV-2’s future fade
Immune System Killer Cells Controlled by Circadian Rhythms
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Rule of Truth: How fallacies can help stem COVID-19 infodemic
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CPHO Issue Statement Series on COVID-19: mRNA Vaccines
BCG vaccine trial extends across Devon, in partnership with RD&E
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Mild COVID-19 elicits persistent immune memory
Prime Minister’s statement on coronavirus 7 January 2021
Vaccine collaboration could overcome cold chain issues for RNA-based vaccines
Oral statement on new COVID-19 regulations
Prime Minister’s statement to House of Commons on COVID-19 regulations 6 January 2021
Prime Minister’s statement on coronavirus 5 January 2021
UC Davis Health launches new COVID-19 vaccine trial
New research may explain severe virus attacks on lungs
Vivek Goel among recipients of Order of Canada
High-speed atomic force microscopy takes on intrinsically disordered proteins
Mapping Health Of Victorians Through Decades
Kobe University and Sysmex Conducted Clinical Evaluation of ELISPOT Method
Study finds evidence of lasting immunity after mild or asymptomatic Covid-19 infection
Astrocytes Eat Connections to Maintain Plasticity in Adult Brains
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Professor of ecology Johanna Mappes: It is exciting to bring an evolutionary approach to practice
COVID-19 in England – analysis of first two waves
Royalty Pharma Donates $1,000,000 to Support Mount Sinai’s COVID-19 Patient Care and Clinical Research
Study: Bumble bees lacking high-quality habitat have higher pathogen loads
Team wins grant to study ‘trained immunity’ with Japanese researchers
University researchers find clues about COVID-19 virus immunity