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Research Reveals Risk Factors for Surgical Site Infection
Low Vaccination Rates Spell Harsh Whooping Cough Winter for New Zealand
Intestinal bacteria trigger postoperative complications
Making Sense of Networks with Incoherence Harnessing
Covid Spurs Global Hand Hygiene Boom: Tune In Now
Clinicians Identify Barriers to Hand Hygiene: AJIC Study
Schools Need Infectious Disease Protection Cloak
UConn Health’s Caryl Ryan named Infection Prevention Champion
Research: EHR Interventions Reduce Unnecessary Urine Cultures in Hospitals
Backing Victoria’s Advanced Manufacturing Evolution
New CEO to lead safety and quality health commission
New CEO to Lead Health Commission on Safety, Quality
New Home Care Traineeship Attracts and Upskills Talent
Australia Invests in Health to Strengthen Asia-Pacific Region
COVID-19 Babies Separated After Birth, Low Breastfeeding Rates
Using sewage to forecast Covid infections
Updated Hand Hygiene Advice to Combat Infections in Healthcare
Opinion piece: Let’s stop governments from making same mistake twice
ASQA Update 2 February
Let’s stop governments from making same mistake twice
Genomics Uncovers Clues in Seattle Shigella Outbreak (2017-2022)
Genomics aids study of Seattle 2017-22 Shigella outbreak
Building Royal Hobart Hospital fit for future demand
Regional Factors Impact Spread of COVID-19 Identified by Scientists
Older Adults Fear COVID, Reject Home Care, Health Worsens
UKEF Finances New Burns Hospital in Angola
Shapeable Sensors Find Pathogens and Toxins in Environment
Clean Hospitals Cut Antibiotic Resistance, Save Lives
Travel industry faces post-pandemic choices
92 new Gold Coast doctors to deliver better health services
Home Infusion Therapy Lacks Infection-Surveillance Training: Study
Patients’ Bacteria Linked to Hospital Infections
CSIC Vaccine Prevents COVID-19 Infection, Brain Damage
People with Latent TB Prone to Inflammation: UC Study
People with TB Infection at Higher Risk of Inflammation
Fewer Infectious Particles from Kids’ Lungs
Fewer Infectious Particles in Kids’ Lungs
Less infectious particles from children’s lungs
Rapid Bleeding Control for Traumatic Wounds in Minutes
Pre-Admission COVID Tests No Longer Needed for Asymptomatic
Some of ‘new’ sports linked to highest athlete injury rates at 2020 Tokyo Olympics
Fewer, but more serious, injuries at Tokyo 2020 Paralympics than at previous Games
Highest Injury Rates at Tokyo Olympics Linked to ‘New’ Sports
Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Sees Fewer, But More Serious Injuries
Examining Moral Courage in Operating Room
University spinout completes trial of Lassa fever vaccine
Accelerating pathogen identification in infants and children with bloodstream infections
£7.5M funding boost for National Biofilms Innovation Centre