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NSW Health advice to travellers returning from Wuhan, China
Queensland Government stockpiles measles vaccine to fight against deadly disease
New insights into malaria in pregnancy
Smoking greatly increases risk of complications after surgery
How long should you stay home with a cold or flu?
Macquarie University opens dedicated rapid access clinic in response to spike in bushfire related respiratory illnesses
Surgery will lengthen leg of Papua New teen
Learning How Molecules Function by Stretching and Tearing Them Apart
Lack of new antibiotics threatens global efforts to contain drug-resistant infections
Action needed to improve poor health and disadvantage in youth justice system
Why we differ in our ability to fight off gut infections
Sepsis associated with 1 in 5 deaths globally
Sepsis leading cause of death worldwide
HIV in UK towards zero HIV transmissions by 2030
NSW Health encourages free vaccine uptake after two more measles cases in Sydney
Whooping cough evolving into a superbug
Study: Pig virus is easily transmitted among chickens and turkeys
We must be smarter about how we use antibiotics, says Imperial researcher
Lame sheep adjust their behaviour to cope with their condition, says a new study
Drug resistance is “up there with climate change” as a global threat
Outsourcing is a matter of time
First case of meningococcal in WA this year
Aged care residents at risk of malnutrition, Otago study shows
HIV ‘hotspots’ not necessarily major drivers of new infections
Malnutrition linked with increased risk of Zika birth defects
New discovery on activity and function of MAIT cells during acute HIV infection
Long-term skin irritation linked to increased risk of tumour growth
Rains have started, be aware of melioidosis
Brisbane hospital offers ‘world-leading’ robot surgery
EVE-M: Transforming women’s health
Myeloma New Zealand calls on Pharmac to make good on access deal
HPV Status May Affect Risk of Early Death in Patients with Oropharynx Cancer
Plants speak ’roundworm’ for self-defense, study shows
Scientists examine how a gut infection may produce chronic symptoms
Collaboration improves odds of educating patients about HIV prevention pill
Wuhan novel coronavirus and avian flu advice for travel to China
Measles alert following another locally acquired case
More muscle, more protein may improve odds of surviving cancer: study
In fighting gut infections, nervous system is key, Yale-Harvard team finds
Initiatives to control and eliminate parasitic disease are reaching targets earlier than projected
Researchers honoured in Québec Science 2019 list of top discoveries
Penn Study Paves Way for New Vaccines to Protect Infants Against Infections
Next generation wound gel treats and prevents infections
Discovery of an adaptation process key to survival of Mycoplasma genitalium in urogenital tract
Scientists develop way to track salmonella infection in real time
Study reveals breastfeeding could protect babies from malaria
Advanced imaging tips T cell target recognition on its head
Deaths caused by extramedical use of opioids preventable