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Cost of living rising faster than wages under Liberals
Confidence reverses; back below average
Universe isn’t flat – it’s curved
Consumer confidence moves back above average
Prescription Drug Prices Are Falling at Historic Levels Thanks to Trump Administration Policies
Consumer Prices, OECD – Updated: 5 november 2019
Rubbery retail figures paint false picture
Why monetary policy statement won’t change
Statement on Conduct of Monetary Policy
Government launches new scheme to boost tree-planting
Rates must stay put as inflation inches up
Sad sacks: Grinch union bosses of AEU steal Christmas from children and working families
U.S. Federal Reserve announces interest rate decision
Scientist salaries increase, but gender pay gap persists: national report
Consomer confidence falters
Extra $132 million on dole payments
Private health insurance increase is biggest scare you’ll get this Halloween says ADA
Govt driving up cost of living and Kiwis into debt
Worker killed after tyre explosion
Optima 2019: General Insurance Industry – OK but falling from recent highs
Rising wages and low inflation supporting Kiwis
Government not thinking of ratepayers’ wellbeing
Consumer confidence declines further
Government piles pressure onto new councils
Cuts in alcohol duty linked to 2000 more alcohol-related deaths in England
Schools to learn funding allocations following £14 billion pledge
Time to look at alternative models to private health insurance
ADA calls for alternative model for private health insurance
Energy savings on horizon for South Australians
Robertson’s pockets bulge as everyday Kiwis struggle
Up to £35k bursary and early career payments for new teachers
Grattan Institute: don’t let facts get in way of a bad story
Consumer Prices, OECD – Updated: 3 October 2019
£4 million scheme to boost worker earnings and youth employment
NZ economy slowdown
Opportunity or Risk? Our choice
Confidence consolidates at a low level
U.S. Federal Reserve announces interest rate decision
Consumer confidence tumbles
AEU bosses urge teachers not to write remarks on student report cards as a way of ‘taking back control’
Feedback sought on Hunter Water’s future prices
New data finds airfares soar as airlines squeeze capacity
Asset ownership key to understanding class in 21st Century
Wages outpace inflation for 18th consecutive month
A response from Sajid Javid to Sir David Norgrove on UKSA’s proposed reform of Retail Prices
Government seeks to enter conciliation in SA Employment Tribunal to resolve teachers’ pay dispute
HS2 update 3 September 2019
Consumer Prices, OECD – Updated: 3 September 2019